Sachin Tendulkar Possible Retirement, Mounting Pressure and Ever Concerned Fans!

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    May 25, 2013
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Sachin Tendulkar Possible Retirement, Mounting Pressure and Ever Concerned Fans! Photo by Raj Bhandari

The level of bonding and attachment developed with master blaster Sachin Tendulkar during the last two decades by one & all has reached beyond any level of imagination. The attachment is so intense, that even a thought of saying goodbye to him results in shivering all over. It has a hallowing impact.

One may term this as clairvoyance or a series of bad dreams, but this is what the millions of Sachin fans are going through nowadays. Especially as every tom, dick & harry is trying to bully Sachin for so called underperformance.

The issue has become the most controversial, but the most sought after one. Many different notions, apprehensions, fabricating theories about inconsistencies, imaginary age related health issues, question marks on capability of Sachin, etc. mostly underline the negative feelings that are being spread rapidly, just to earn some name & fame on baseless, hypothetical & false write-ups.
The crisis has such a deep & heart touching impact, that after a heated argument with a hypocrite critic of Sachin, (happens to be one of my good old friends!) our debate soon turned into a small battle and having taken a firm stand on our ideology, (for & against Sachin) we are no more on talking terms now. Although in a failed attempt, he tried to pacify the situation by admitting that this is not a national sporting crisis. But we - the frenzied fans of the master blaster are not going to budge. In fact, the whole anatomy (in terms of sports) is totally shaken. Whatever the outcome may be – we know the very fact that sooner or later we will have to face this painstaking situation of the most talked about retirement in the history of sport.

But the way Sachin’s popularity has fallen, it is a painful experience. The feeling of being defeated amounts to mental agony & pain - as this so called underperformance by Sachin really does not warrant all round ruthless attacks on a legend like him. He is facing all this rubbish and is being deliberately targeted for quite some time now. People advocating the immediate retirement of Sachin are not realising that this big blow might prove fatal for all round development of cricket in India. People indulging in shocking, defaming attempts do not realise that ouster of Sachin means fading hopes of millions of young aspirants, for whom Sachin is a source of inspiration. And once he takes the exit, I strongly believe this void will never be filled up. As most of the cricket pundits have already admitted - it has become almost humanly impossible for any other cricketer to reach the heights of achievement Sachin has scaled. Apart from the name, fame & glory, he has put India on the map of the sporting world.

This is going to be an irrevocable loss - a big blow for the popularity of cricket. If he is not given the due regard & a warm farewell which he truly deserves, there will be nobody left to inspire the gennext in the way sachin has been selflessly doing since ages.
It will be highly appreciated if all of us leave this matter and simply rely on the wisdom of Sachin & family. Let them decide the correct time, way and modus operandi as to how he would like to have a farewell. Meanwhile, as a token of regard and specially to recoup the love lost in between, we all should unanimously mobilize the moment for conferring prestigious and a deserving Bharat Ratna for Sachin.

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