Wedding Preparation Essentials: Useful Tips When Choosing a Wedding Dress

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    Sep 15, 2013
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Wedding Preparation Essentials: Useful Tips When Choosing a Wedding Dress Photo by Benson Coverdale

Luckbridal has been in the business for almost a decade, providing high quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, evening dresses, and homecoming dresses for ladies who want to look fabulous during the most special moments of their lives.

It is part of our job that you make the best informed decision before you leave our shop and before we ship your dress. Luckbridal lists down some practical tips perfect for the bride-to-be shopping for a wedding dress:

Knowing the Location

Before you shop for a wedding dress and bridesmaid dress, it will be ideal that you know where you are getting married and what time you are getting married. This way you can rule out options if you are exchanging vows in a cathedral, in a tropical island, or maybe during winter.

Set your Budget

You need to be realistic and set your budget. Remember that the wedding gown will only be one of your major expenses to consider when preparing for the big day. Normally, couples set aside a good 10 to 15 percent of the wedding costs for the bridal dress. Of course, take into account shipping fees, alterations, or professional steaming that may require additional funds.

Do Your Own Research

Browse through wedding websites, magazines, and books. Do your homework so you have a clear idea of the fabrics, silhouettes, and other elements of a wedding dress. You can collect articles and clippings so you know what you want when you shop for your wedding dress.

Shop Early

You want enough time so you can shop around and compare the style, materials, and prices of wedding gowns. A simpler gown will take a shorter time to complete while a more elaborate design will require a little more time. You can also get off the rack gowns that will require some minor alterations. Do not forget to let the designer or shop owner know about the date of the wedding so just everything is very clear.

Timeless, Not Trendy

Wedding dress trends fade away and will most likely be forgotten. Go for a wedding dress that will be timeless. This will be the wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful and sexy when you wear it. If this will be your basis, your wedding gown will never be out of style.

Ask for Help

You will be making decisions about the location of the wedding, your accessories, the food, wine and a thousand more things to make your dream wedding come true. It will be perfect if you can ask for help and keep an open mind when considering your choices for your wedding gown. Ask a designer or ask friends about the wedding gown they can imagine you wearing on your most special day. Remember, the final say is yours. Go for the gown that you are in love with.

Ask if You Have Questions

Whether you are working designer or buying a wedding gown from an online shop, remember that you can ask all the questions that you have in mind. They will be more than willing to guide you so you can get that perfect wedding dress and look stunning on your wedding day.

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Luckbridal has been in the business of manufacturing wedding dresses for almost a decade. Checkout these useful tips so you can make a more informed decision when choosing your gown.

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