Water Filtration Systems For Home The Basic Types Available

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    Feb 24, 2014
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Water Filtration Systems For Home The Basic Types Available Photo by Westcoast  Waterfiltratio

You cannot survive without clean drinking water – now that sentence is as big a no-brainer as there can exist. But getting a perpetual supply of safe and clean drinking water for your home or office is not as easy as it sounds. No matter how sound the municipal water supply system is in your locality, you need to still ensure that no contaminants remain in the water that you and your family are consuming. And to make that happen you need to buy the best water filtration system for your home that is available in the market.

Now, the market offers many choices for you to select from, not just in terms of different brands but also with regards to the different technologies being used to purify the water. This article isn’t about the different companies that offer home water filtration systems but about the different ways they seek to do it. It would help you understand which technology is best suited to your requirements, as to your filtration requirements as well as your budget constraints.

Reverse osmosis water filters

This system is one of the most popular and most common types available in the market, owing to its versatility and ease of use. It uses a great technique to remove salts and dissolved bacteria from the water, thereby making it fit for drinking. It uses tiny pores of the semi-permeable membrane of the filtration system can prevent a vast majority of contaminants from passing through it but this system does have its downsides. Prolonged use tends to reduce the effectiveness of the water filter and additional treatment may be required to remove certain types of microbes that RO cannot remove. But still, this system continues to be the market leader.

Active carbon filters

Carbon happens to be a highly effective natural absorbent. This property makes it an effective water purifier and technologies have been developed to use it as part of home water filtration systems. Active carbon filters are suitable for removing chlorine and chemicals from water. Plus, its filtration abilities can be enhanced by impregnating it with silver. All in all, if combined with certain other filtration techniques, active carbon filters can help remove most contaminants from your drinking water.

UV sterilization

These water filter systems are best used where the water supply is known to be infested with microbes, especially viruses and parasites. It can effectively treat water containing protozoa, bacteria, viruses and most other harmful microbes.

Ion exchange resins

These water filter systems are usually combined with other processes to produce absolutely pure drinking water. Usually applied at the end of the purification process, it carries out what is known as water polishing, using anion and cation columns to completely sterilize water.

Overall, these are the main types of water filters that you can expect to find in the market. Some, like RO based systems can be used on a standalone basis while others need to combined together with separate processes to get effective filtration results.

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