How to Choose the Best Dance Shoes

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    Dec 08, 2012
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Do you want to become a professional dancer? Pay attention to your dance shoes. As a dancer you need to perform flexible moves, having an uncomfortable dance shoe may restrict your free movements while dancing. As each dance has some unique movements, expression and costume, dance shoes are designed based on these factors to offer elasticity, adjustability and stability while dancing.

Nowadays, you can find specific dance shoes for every dance including ballet, ballroom, jazz and flamenco dance. They are available in a wide range of color, pattern, outlook, design and price. When choosing dance shoes you need to look through a few latest models before picking the best one.

Dance is a type of art in which your body movement needs to converge with music. Without a proper dancewear and dance shoes, your body might not mingle with the music, as a result your dance moves might become awkward. So, pay more attention while shopping for dance wear such as practice wear, leotards, tutus and dance shoes

Here are some simple tips that might assist you in choosing the best dance shoes:

Needs to be lightweight:

During dance, you might have to frequently lift and rotate your legs. So, dance shoes are often lightweight and flexible. However, shoes that are made of low quality materials are heavier than standard dance shoes. So, you need to check out its weight, comfort and flexibility before choosing it.

Check out the sole:

The sole also plays an important role in dance shoes as it offers grip and sliding ability while dancing. Without proper soles, you might not be able to perform flexible moves. Before checking the soles, you need to have a clear idea about the dancing floor. Generally, suede soles are well-suited for wooden floors. Rubber soles often cause too much grip while dancing and causes knee injuries, while leather soles are too slippery.


To determine the quality of the shoes, you need to check fabrication, the material used for manufacturing it and comfort. When choosing dance shoes make sure they have extra toe room for flexible toe movements and more padding in the sole to absorb the pressure exerted on the feet.


Finally, check out its look to find a trendy and unique pair of dance shoes to suit your dancewear. Dance shoes vary significantly in style based on the type of dance.

Make use of these tips to choose the best dance shoes according to your expectation.

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