Premium Cigar Humidors: An Essential Accessory for Smokers

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    Feb 17, 2014
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Cuban Cigars in a Humidor
Cuban Cigars in a Humidor
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The Premium cigar humidors are accessories in name only, for a cigar aficionado, it is as essential as a wooden match is. Cigars are delicate things, and they require a balance of moisture and dry air to remain ready for use. The art of blending tobaccos for cigars is to create tastes, tongue sensations, textures for the palate. All of the maker’s art can be lost in stale dry products that burn too fast or too hot. Further, the makers premise the blend of tastes upon certain conditions in the wrapper and filler tobaccos. They should not be old, stale, worm infested or broken.

The humidor is the key to the enjoyment of complex flavors one finds in a well-made cigar. The moisture content of the wrapper determines not only flavor but also the qualities of the burn, whether faster or slower, hotter or milder to the tongue. The inner leaf must burn at an intended pace in order to impart best texture and feeling. Two of the same brand and shape of cigar will yield drastically different experiences depending upon proper humidity and storage, but it is essentially the opposite. Fresh cigars rarely have the satisfying taste and supple conditioning as after a time in the humidor. The humidor extends the product life of the cigar. Kept in proper conditions like that in Premium humidor, a cigar can be kept for months while outside of the humidor the cigar would quickly dry out, and become fragile. A broken wrapper effectively ruins a cigar because it will not draw.

The seller ships and store cigars before sailing them in varying conditions. Most fine tobacco shops keep products ready for sale in humidor rooms. However, boxed cigars may not benefit from sufficient time or exposure to humidity controlled air. Cigar makers usually wrap their products tightly by hand, and sometimes enclose them in plastic tubes, or clear plastic wrappers. Fine cigars benefit from a period unwrapped in premium cigar humidors. Smokers often describe it as relaxing the cigar, and they do become suppler, less brittle, and moister.

The humidors are functional and artistic. Some simply reflect a taste for fine wood, simple boxes made of premium or rare woods. Humidor makers select attractive wood grains embellish them by a colored finish, from which they age over time into distinction. Premium cigar humidors are collectibles. They can be ornate and elaborate some have sections inside to separate cigars by type. Some designs allow zones, or variations on humidity levels. Whether styled or relatively simple, the important part of a humidor is the care of the contents. The box must seal well, but even the most finely crafted boxes will betray their purpose if not given water. In the end, the humidor is a functional thing; it delivers the right amount of moisture to bring out the craft of the cigar maker.

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