Shopping on a Budget - Every Pair of Shoes You Need for Less Than 85 Pound

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    Apr 10, 2014
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Shopping on a Budget - Every Pair of Shoes You Need for Less Than 85 Pound Photo by Colin Armstrong

Women's love affair with shoes dates back to well before the days of Carrie Bradshaw, even before the days of Cinderella - it is something to do with dopamine giving us a feel-good high when we try on a pair of heels or boots, scientists reckon. For a fashion-conscious woman, it is not unusual to find yourself with 30 or even 50 pairs of shoes in your wardrobe, even though you probably only wear 10 pairs at the most. In reality, however, you really only need six pairs of shoes:

1. Pair of tennis shoes/trainers/canvas shoes
2. Pair of sandals
3. Pair of pumps
4. Pair of black/brown boots
5. Pair of flats
6. High heels

There is an argument for needing more than that if you want to throw wellies, flip-flops and a change of high heels in to the mix, but six pairs should cover every eventuality.

So how much is going out and buying six pairs of shoes going to set you back: three or four hundred pounds? Maybe in some stores, but we don't associate with them. We shop on a budget, where the six pairs of shoes you will need will cost you just 85 Pound !

Canvas Shoes - 9.99 Pound

A good pair of canvas shoes is a must for any casual daytime look. These Bess Red and White shoes can be paired with pretty much anything, but will look particularly great with some skinny jeans and a blazer.

Pumps - 9.99 Pound

Some slip-on pumps can be paired with shorts or dresses for a relaxed spring/summer look and these Collette Studded Pumps in red with gold detail and slightly pointed toe are the perfect pair of cheap shoes.

Sandals - 9.99 Pound

During the warm days of summer, your feet will pretty much live in sandals, so you're going to want to choose a pair that is comfortable, yet stylish. These Caprice Flower Summer Strap Sandals come with a flower design and are detailed with gemstones across the straps. 

Boots - 24.99 Pound

A pair of mid-calf to knee-high boots will allow you to step out in the snow or rain and still look as glamorous as ever. As boots provide you with a lot more shoe, you're going to need to pay a little bit more, but not much more - these Izadora Knee High Riding Boots are just 1p short of 25 Pound. They might look plain, but they're slimming, stylish and great for completing a chic look.

Flats - 9.99 Pound

For a pair of flats you simply cannot go wrong with some Mea Bow Jelly shoes. These shoes come into trend every summer and are super comfortable. This brightly coloured pink pair will ensure your outfits are eye-catching.

High Heels - 19.99 Pound

High heels might not be as essential as the other five types of shoes from an ‘every day wear' perspective, but there is simply no way a girl is going to let their wardrobe be without a pair. The Flavia Suede Heel with Gold Stiletto oozes fabulousness and will make you Queen B at any party.

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