Premium Humidors High Quality Designed for Luxury

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    Mar 28, 2014
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Premium Humidors High Quality Designed for Luxury Photo by Artisan Humidor

Humidors are a necessary part of the cigar experience. They keep cigars in good condition and let them age without drying out or decaying. Some humidors are designed to be exceptionally luxurious. These premium designs include many features not found in simpler tabletop models. Anyone trying to choose a premium and quality humidor should look for several things in the design.

Exceptionally Attractive exterior- The first thing to look for is an attractive and quality exterior. Most premium humidors are made from some type of stained wood. A premium design should have a rich wooden finish that showcases the natural grain of the material. Smaller humidors often have sides that are inlaid with contrasting colors of wood to create a design or accent. A premium model should really have the look of something designed for luxury. Basic and inexpensive humidors do not usually have anything inside of the box. They are just containers where cigars can be stacked. A premium humidor should have dividers inside the compartments. This could be a series of wooden dividers along the length of the case.

Higher-end models might have small steps inside so that cigars can be displayed to guests and chosen easily. Dividers allow aficionados to keep a large selection of cigars organized and safe until they are ready to use. A premium cigar humidor should be a self-contained unit with an integrated humidifier, hygrometer and thermometer. The owner should be able to look at the humidor and see the exact temperature and humidity level without having to install separate devices. An integrated humidifier is helpful because it is already sized to maintain the moisture levels throughout the entire humidor. It is also already set in a stable position inside the humidor. These features are not always present on premium models that are intended for desktops or shelves. They are commonly found on large freestanding luxury humidors.

No one wants to come home and find that valuable cigars are missing from a humidor. A premium design will come with a lock on the door or lid. The lock should be durable and not just ornamental. It is always better to purchase a humidor that can be locked shut when not in use. To know more about premium humidor, visit the concerned website.  The final thing to look for is a quality interior lining. The material used to line the storage areas inside of the humidor will affect internal humidity, the overall appearance of the unit and possibly the taste of cigars. The best lining is cedar since it lasts for decades and does not warp over time. Aficionados should avoid humidors with inexpensive or plywood linings.

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