The Undying Appeal of Bulk SMS Marketing

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    Sep 13, 2013
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There has been a boom in the field of technology. Nevertheless, the appeal of bulk SMS marketing is unparalleled. Even with the alternative modes of communication available now, businesses are keen on sending SMSes. Compared with the various methods of direct marketing communication such as flyers, snail mail or email, the SMS is the one that steals the limelight. For the starters, statics have proved that more than 90% of all text messages that are sent are read by all the recipients. Hence, you ought to hire a service that helps in creating an instant personal link between the audience and the brand.

The best part of all that is it is easy to install and execute. Bulk SMS services help in enhancing sales volumes and brand exposure. It is suitable for businesses to cater to a national or local audience. The SMSes help in promoting the business as they are more targeted and customized than online campaigns, leaving sufficient space for personalization. With the SMS marketing campaigns, you can successfully execute subtle promotional activities by sharing promotional codes with loyal customers and allow them to avail of various kinds of offers or discounts at your store by simply showing them the SMS.

Some types of products and services can make the maximum utilization of SMS services for beginning a fresh source of revenue. Distributors and producers of movies can provide paid services in the forms of links supplying links to ringtones or other movie related content to fans through mass SMS marketing services. They can execute this easily by collaborating with mobile network services providers who can pass the earner remuneration towards the end of the month. Important information can be communicated easily to audiences using these services. Event planners can send out mass text messages in case there is a change in the schedule at the last minute.

In case of an unavailability of an important speaker, the companies can send out SMS alerts. In fact, this system is being effectively employed by schools for alerting parents regarding changes in school curricula, PTA meets and holidays. Professionals and doctors use these services for sending out reminders of appointments and other follow-ups. Allowing complete control over the process of marketing, marketers can choose when the message will be sent to the customers. This can include the day or the hour of the day. You can also customize the message and make it personal. However, since there are various kinds of services when it comes to mobile marketing, the company needs to choose the ones that cater to your needs.

Bulk SMS services can be optimized across industries. Get as creative as possible with bulk SMS marketing strategies.

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Bulk SMS services can be optimized across industries. Get as creative as possible with bulk SMS marketing strategies.

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