Never Dupilcated and Never Beaten American Motorcycles

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    Nov 04, 2012
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In the world of new age motorcycles it would seem that America is in last place; this statement may have been true over ten years ago. Today the most popular motorcycle in America is on the rise; as the generation of baby boomers begin to retire they dream of taking trips across country on one of the most popular brand of motorcycles; The infamous Harley Davidson. This motorcycle has been in the fore front for many decades and is still leading the way; many aboard and state side have come to understand the true beauty of a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. 

Is this because of the loud roar of the powerful engine; or the sheer design that some of the cycles have displayed on their gas tank. The Harley Davidson Motorcycle is only made in America; all of the beautiful chrome and leather seating is made right here in our own back yards. 

The reasoning behind this is to keep the legacy true to America the greatest country in the world; the leader of all nations on many aspects of leadership. The Harley can be labeled as one of America’s true icons.

Currently Harleys are being custom made for clients in over thirty different countries aboard; who have only seen these magnificent motor cycles in books of the American made motorcycles. Once they are given the chance to ride one of these amazing powerful, sleek looking cycles with its smooth ride and easy handling. They are convinced there is nothing that can compare to Harley Davidson; even with the chromed out kit on it.

It is quite easy to say that our Country still holds the title of being innovative individuals who have come to understand the meaning of enjoyment, relaxing, and living life to the fullest.

To assume that there is a close competitor to the best made American Motorcycle is uncanny. When a Harley is created for an individual it's design is done so that it is able to represent that person. To allow the individual the right to express themselves through the use of chrome, leather and power.

Make no mistake there is great pride in each Harley that is made here in America; from the design of a bald eagle in flight to the flag displayed on the gas tank. American motorcycles such as the Harley are still here today.

The next leader in American Motorcycles is the Victory Motorcycles; although they are not talked about as much as the Harley Davidson; they are still among the leaders. The Victory cycle is similar to the Harley but with slight difference such as the chassis is made smaller, the engines are not as powerful; which makes this the ideal cruiser for the beginners who are just starting to enjoy the ride. 

The Victory motorcycle is also made to order; allowing the buyer the opportunity to express themselves in the same manner. These two pioneer leaders are more than just motorcycles; they represent and idea stating that is okay to be among the leaders and never change.

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