Electric Mobility: The Cars Of The Future Is Already A Reality

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    Aug 31, 2014
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Electric Mobility: The Cars Of The Future Is Already A Reality Photo by Anna Service

One of the main issues of the spread of electric mobility is related to the lack of capacity of lithium batteries currently sold on the market. These batteries provide a mileage of not more than 100-150 kilometers, which forces the owners of electric vehicles (such as those of alke.com) to use them as a within-the-city vehicle. However, it is now clear that the electric vehicle is the future of mobility thanks to the recognized advantages, which involves the use of these innovative environment friendly vehicles.

The most noteworthy of these benefits are the lack of noise and air pollution and savings on the costs of fuel, maintenance and insurance. To promote the development of the electric mobility sector, we must first understand what infrastructures that needs investing in which would allow their success on the market. While the world's governments are making efforts to promote a series of economic incentives for those who decide to buy the modern electric cars, car companies and research centers are investing time and money in the creation of smaller, high-performance batteries, which can increase the mileage of these vehicles. It is expected that in the coming years, new models of electric cars with batteries of about 36 kWh will be launched on the market, with a mileage of up to 250 km. Moreover, with the spread of charging stations that provide a power of 50 kwh to electric cars in some cities fast recharging is possible. These speeds is also possible to be lowered to even 15 minutes because of innovations towards fast-charging.

The fast charging columns have seen a progressive success after the design was improved and made more efficient. At its infancy, production and installation costs around $20,000. Now, the total cost was halved, doubling the increase of these columns in cities where they are installed. By design the, fast-charging stations will be prevalent and more effective in city highways and freeways, while the slow charging stations will continue to be used in residential and business areas where the demand is higher.

The benefits of this type charging system is based on a mechanism of magnetic induction. It does not require cables or outlets to charge a vehicle and it being installed by a plate mounted under the asphalt it is immune to vandalism, which is one main issue for classic charging stations. On the other hand, many drivers still prefer the convenience of charging at a common household electrical outlet. This method of charging can be done safely at night and within the privacy of the owner’s home, without causing any kind of disturbance and with very low cost (no more than $2-$3 dollars per charge).

The increasing interest in electric mobility is confirmed by the latest data on the sales of electric cars in Europe provided by the European Agency for the environment. In 2013, the sales of electric vehicles in general (such as alke atx) on the European continent has doubled over the previous year. Some of the determining factors were the reduction of the selling prices, the spread of charging stations and the incentives on their purchase.

Also, car manufacturers are increasingly investing in this technology driven by new laws on carbon emissions set by the European Union. In fact, the European Union has imposed that the new cars launched on the market should ensure limits emissions of carbon dioxide of 130 grams per kilometer by 2015 and up to 95 grams per kilometer by 2020. In this manner it intends to fight the problem of air pollution and the phenomenon of global warming, whose main cause is related to the use of conventional petrol and diesel cars.

We can see nothing but forward in the rise of popularity of electric vehicles. Indeed, these is the transportation of the future and while we are still making strides to improve its performance and uses, we can say that we expect nothing but greatness from it.

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