What does the Best Delivery Scooter Need to Have?

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    Aug 19, 2014
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What does the Best Delivery Scooter Need to Have? Photo by Michy Monal

These days small businesses have the need for fast delivery, but they may not need a van to hold their goods. Pizzas or a few cold drinks can easily be taken to their new owners on a delivery scooter that will be highly cost effective to run and need not get caught in traffic jams. The best thing about buying a scooter that has been designated as a work vehicle is that you can legally park it at loading bays and other areas where only work vehicles are allowed to go.

The ideal scenario for such a delivery vehicle is to have insulated compartments on the front and back that can keep food hot or cold. So you can have hot pizza on the back and cold drinks in the front compartment so your customers can get their meal as soon as it is delivered. No need to heat or cool it.

So what about when the ice melts? That compartment will need to have a drainage hole in it to let out the melted ice and for ease of cleaning. You get all this and more with the right kind of scooter made especially for handling deliveries. Not only will it take up less space wherever it is stored when not in use, but it has enough power to do the job easily.

Of course, if you are environmentally-minded you might be thinking along the lines of an electrical delivery scooter and this too will soon be a possibility due to the foresight of certain businesses. They know just what is needed and make it their business to supply it. With an electric vehicle you don’t have to worry about the smell of the fuel ruining the food. And you are doing the environment a service as well as your customers.

A motorbike that is low powered is often referred to as a monkey bike; that is what Honda called the one they first introduced way back in the 60s. Since then such bikes have become more reliable and perhaps have motors that are somewhat stronger so that they can handle hills without having to be pushed.

Low powered bikes that just need to putt around town are ideal for the job delivering small items such as food in small quantities or even things such as printer ink and small parts. They cost very little to run, are affordable to buy and do the job required of them efficiently. What more could you want?

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