Small Penis, No Problem Pleasure-Enhancing Tips for the Less-Endowed

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    Feb 01, 2013
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Small Penis, No Problem Pleasure-Enhancing Tips for the Less-Endowed Photo by John Dugan

Penis envy is as old as mankind, and from the time they reach adolescence, boys are conditioned by guy talk, locker room humor and the media to believe that a big member is the best kind. However, while there are women who confess that they prefer the super-size version, most females tend to prefer a slightly smaller model, and the majority of them are not concerned about penis size at all.

The good news for men is that taking the right approach to intimacy and understanding how to improve the penis can help them make the most of what nature has provided. To begin with, keeping the penis healthy, well-groomed and responsive can make it more pleasant and appealing and enhance pleasurable sensation for him. Aside from improving the condition of the penis, there are certain positions that can increase either penetration or other types of stimulation for her, causing her to go over the top and making him feel like a king.

Positions for a small penis: · For men on the smaller side, the tried-and-true doggy style is a perfect place to start. This position allows him easier access, allowing him to enter more deeply, and having her raise her hips and lower her upper body can increase stimulation for her, making for a stimulating experience all around. ·

The pressing position, one of the poses described in the kamasutra, also allows for maximum penetration. The woman lies on her back, and the man enters from between her legs, as with the missionary style. However, she pulls her knees up to her chest and places her feet on his shoulders, allowing part of his body weight to rest on her legs. This technique is ideal for smaller men; it allows for a great deal of stimulation to her clitoris, but it also shortens her vaginal canal, so that men who have a bit more in the length department can actually cause pain if they enter too deeply. ·

Another popular position for smaller men is simply having her take it from the top. Either lying flat or sitting upright in a chair, the man allows the woman to ease down on top of him and take control of the situation. She may choose to move back and forth or in a side to side motion, rather than up and down, as raising up may cause a smaller organ to slip out. A variation on this position involves her facing away from him as she lowers herself onto his penis, again taking the initiative to create the motion. This pose can also be found in the kamasutra and is sometimes referred to as the “milk and water” position.

Rejuvenating the penis Aside from experimenting with different techniques and poses, proper penis care can also make a great deal of difference when it comes to making the most of a smaller member. Keeping it clean and fresh by washing daily and removing any buildup of dead skin, body oils, and lubes or lotions can help maintain its appeal. In addition, men should never overlook the importance of initial play. Spending the time to give each other pleasure without going straight for the end game can add a great deal of sensuality to the experience. Men can also work to keep their penis in top form by applying a specially formulated penis vitamin crème (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) that is designed to support healthy skin and nerve tissue and keep the penis looking smooth, supple and healthy. A good penis crème should also contain an all-natural moisturizer such as shea butter or olive oil to keep the skin well-hydrated and prevent irritation and drying.

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