One Red Penis Sign Men Should Never Ignore Recognizing Yeast Infection

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    Feb 05, 2013
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One Red Penis Sign Men Should Never Ignore Recognizing Yeast Infection Photo by John Dugan

A red penis that itches and burns is a distraction no man wants, and these symptoms can be distressing. However, while it is natural for guys to fear the worst and assume that they have contracted a horrible STD, the answer could be much simpler and easy to treat. Thrush, which is another name for a yeast infection, can cause a guy's penis to become itchy, red and absolutely unbearable.

Regular penis care can help men to avoid thrush, but for those who already suspect that yeast cells have overtaken their penis skin, a few commonsense steps might help to put out the itch-based fire. Common Symptoms There are multiple conditions that can cause the skin of the penis to turn red and itchy, but thrush brings with it a few unique symptoms that can help it to stand out from the crowd. Many of these signs involve smell and texture. Men with thrush may develop a lumpy, thick discharge on the penis that looks a lot like cottage cheese. This discharge has a singular aroma, and the odor doesn't always abate even after the substance has been washed away. While other minor skin conditions may cause itching and pain, few result in this dramatic release of smelly fluids. In addition, thrush can affect the urethra – the opening at the tip of the penis – and when this occurs, a man might begin to experience pain with urination. Finding the Answer Men who have never had thrush before should head to their doctor for a checkup.

A visual exam and sniff test might be all that's required, although a lab test of the discharge might be used to confirm the diagnosis. Since thrush is sometimes associated with medical conditions like diabetes, doctors might like to perform other routine blood tests, just to ensure that a man's overall health isn't to blame for this yeast breakout. Once a firm diagnosis is in place, men can use an over-the-counter yeast infection cream to eliminate the overgrowth and restore the penis to health. The creams should be applied on a regular schedule, not just when symptoms are evident, and if discomfort remains after 14 days or so, an oral medication might be added to the treatment mix.

At-Home Care Thrush can be passed from person to person during sexual encounters, and men who develop penis yeast issues may inherit the problem from their female sexual partners. Men can avoid returning the favor by waiting until their treatment programs are complete before they return to regular sexual activity. Abstention can also help the sore, rough skin of the penis to heal. Diet changes might also be advisable, as yeast-laden food that enters the body can promote yeast overgrowth. Foods to avoid include: •Any bread product, including muffins, rolls and bagels •Alcohol, including wine and beer •Crackers and pretzels •Cookies and cakes

Staying Healthy The best way to prevent thrush is to avoid having sexual contact with a woman who has a yeast infection. Even using a condom can allow a few little cells to slip through, so it's best to wait until the entire issue has been cleared up for good. Staying clean can also be key in a thrush-proofing plan. Washing up daily, using a mild soap and warm water, can help to rinse germs away. A penis health crème (such as Man 1 Man Oil) can help to keep skin soft and supple, providing fewer nooks and crannies for yeast to hold onto, and it's a nice treat after a warm shower. Covering up with loose-fitting, cotton-based underwear is best, as the skin will be allowed to breathe and dry completely.

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