Three Great Places To Find A TEFL Job

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    Nov 21, 2013
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Three Great Places To Find A TEFL Job Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) instructors are in high demand throughout the world. People across the world are communicating more than ever; the desire and need to learn multiple languages is at an all time high. A Tefl Job is a great way to see the world and meet people of various cultures. English instructors are people that love one on one or group interaction with new people. This is a great career for those who find watching others grow to be a rewarding experience; English teachers often learn as much as their students do. This is a true exchange of culture and learning.

The Chinese economy has expanded significantly over the last decade. The Chinese export a large amount of goods to English speaking nations across the globe. Bilingual Chinese employees are in high demand; there are more people learning English in China than in any other nation. In recent years the Chinese government has upped its standards for those seeking a Tefl Job. Instructors with education certificates and prior experience typically end up in the higher paying positions, often in major cities such as Shanghai and Beijing. China’s massive population makes it one of the most reliable places to find a Tefl Job.

Argentina is playing an increasingly predominant role in world politics. The Argentine economy has experienced nearly a decade of steady growth. Argentina’s growing international business involvement requires more and more professionals and executives to learn English. Argentina’s increasing population size makes it a hotspot for those looking for a Tefl Job. English instructors are in need to teach people of all ages, both in the culture rich city of Buenos Aires and the beautiful mountainous countryside. Argentina has a highly literate population; education is a valued pursuit in this South American nation. Argentina is a great place to find a Tefl Job.

Mexico’s close relationship with the United States has made it a popular option for those looking for a Tefl Job. Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, has a growing demand for English instructors. The universities and public schools are in particular need for teachers. Rural and coastal areas of Mexico are excellent places to find a Tefl Job as well. Mexico has a low cost of living, making for a comfortable and affordable place to live and work. Mexican students usually learn some English in school but typically don’t get much of a chance to practice speaking. Private instruction is in high demand and is a great way to supplement teaching income. The Mexican economy is closely linked to the United States; Mexican workers who speak English tend to make more money. Mexico’s demand for English teachers is projected to remain steady for some time to come—if not grow considerably.

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