Getting What You Need from a TEFL Course

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    Nov 28, 2013
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Getting What You Need from a TEFL Course Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

While you’ll have access to several opportunities as an ESL teacher, you’ll have more than your fair share of frustration if you don’t look into whatever TEFL courses in Ashford that you’ll be signing up for. Proper research ensures that you get a good education at a good price and will have as many chances to succeed as possible.

Speak with the TEFL school and ask several questions before you spend any money or sign up for any classes. Specifically, you’ll want to ask about job placement assistance, the type of courses they offer and your chances of securing a job based on your citizenship, age, level of education and gender. You should also ask who will be teaching you, how many training hours you’ll undergo, if you’ll have live practice teaching and where you’ll be able to teach once you’ve earned your certification.

Don’t hesitate to pay good money for TEFL courses in Ashford. An accredited course will cost more than one that isn’t accredited, but you’ll be much better off in the long run taking an accredited course. Remember that you aren’t just paying for TEFL courses, you’re also paying for your future and the opportunity to have a great career. No matter what kind of course you pay for, always make sure that you’ll be taught by a college-level instructor.

You’ll want to be careful of any guaranteed job placements or courses that sell job placements. Even if those guaranteed job placements are real, they might not be for the type of job that you’ve got in mind and they might come with certain limitations and conditions that you might not be comfortable with. Instead, you’ll want to enroll in job search guidance so that you’ll know how to apply for several teaching positions all over the world. You’ll find that by completing accredited TEFL courses in Ashford you’ll more than likely have tens of thousands of job opportunities, which means that there’s absolutely no need for you to pay someone money to place you in a job.

Make sure that whatever course you sign up for will properly train you for finding job opportunities. You’ll want a real live staff that will either speak to you over the phone or in person while answering your questions. You could also need help writing out your resume, developing your cover letter, getting advice for interviewing for jobs and learning about visas, hiring seasons, job salaries and requirements for hiring. As you can see, there’s a lot more to TEFL courses in Ashford than learning how to teach.

Protect yourself and your future before you spend time and money on TEFL courses.

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