Why You Should Take TEFL Courses in Southampton

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    Dec 09, 2013
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Why You Should Take TEFL Courses in Southampton Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

If you’ve done online research about where to get your TEFL education, you’ve probably determined that the possibilities are almost endless. There are hundreds of programs and places where you can learn to teach English as a foreign language. Now that you’ve decided on your career, it’s important to decide on where you’d like to receive your education. Here are reasons why you should choose to take your TEFL courses in Southampton, England.

Location.Southampton is a beautiful city located 75 miles southwest of London and 19 miles northwest of Portsmouth. It is a major port and is known as the cruise capital of Europe. It is a major tourist destination and hosts more than four million visitors each year. If you choose to take your TEFL courses in Southampton you can plan on taking plenty of road trips, or maybe even a cruise. Or two!

History.Students taking TEFL courses in Southampton can also soak in the vibrant history of the city. Archaeologists say that humans have inhabited the city since the stone age! Because of this long and rich history, Southampton’s Old Town has a ton of hidden treasures. Old Town is located south of the city center and has attracted some famous residents and visitors like William The Conqueror, William Shakespeare, and Jane Austen among many others.

The 800 year old Bargate that still stands was originally built as the main gateway to the medieval city. If you visit Bargate you’ll find the third longest stretch of unbroken medieval defensive walling in all of England! The walk is made even more interesting because of plagues along the way that mark some of the key events in the city’s history.

You can visit the SeaCity Museum and bask in all of the interesting history connecting Southampton with the sea. A sad part of that history is that about 600 of the 900 crew members of the Titanic were from Southampton and about 500 of them died when the ship sunk. There are plenty of interesting memorials to how that historic event affected the city.

Culture. If you choose to take your TEFL courses in Southampton, you’ll also be able to enjoy the fantastic culture the city has to offer. The Southampton City Art Gallery is an internationally known gallery run by the Southampton City Council and has rotating shows every month. You can also take in a Shakespeare play at the Nuffield Theatre. If film is more your passion, than the Harbour Lights Picturehouse shows great films while you also overlook the Ocean Village marina.

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