5 Reasons to Take TEFL Courses in Norwich

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    Dec 17, 2013
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5 Reasons to Take TEFL Courses in Norwich Photo by Rhyan O'sullivan

There are many great reasons to become a teacher. If you decide to teach English as a foreign language, you are not only choosing a fulfilling career, but you’ll also be able to travel the world and help those in need. There are tons of cities where you can choose to take your courses. Here are five reasons to take TEFL courses in Norwich.

It is a historical city. Norwich is a medieval city and has a ton of historical buildings you can visit. The Norman castle and cathedral are beautiful and haunting reminders of the rich history the town. In fact, Norwich has more than 30 flint-built medieval churches. That’s more medieval churches than York, Bristol and London combined! Make sure to check out the Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery. It is home to wonderful collections of archaeology and fine art.
There are great restaurants and pubs.

If you take TEFL courses in Norwich, you’ll most likely enjoy some nights out with friends at local restaurants and pubs. Norwich is known for its fantastic, fresh produce and amazing local chefs. You’ll be able to find fresh baked pastries, locally made cordials and incredibly fresh salads. Some local favorites are Caley’s Cocoa Café, Number 12 Bar & Dining, Captain America’s and The Eagle Public House. Norwich is located in the Norfolk countryside and has many recognised names associated with like Cromer Crab, Delia Smith and Colman’s Mustard.

There are incredible gardens. It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Norwich, but it is actually home to many fantastic gardens. In fact, Norwich has more than 150 green spaces! Check out the Plantation Garden during your stay. It was established more than 100 years ago in a chalk quarry near the city centre. It is nearly three acres with flower beds, lawns and a huge gothic fountain.

You’ll find reputable courses. If you take TEFL courses in Norwich you’ll want to find the right program to fit your needs. You need to make sure the institution you choose is accredited and has teachers with real-world experience. Getting your certification isn’t enough, you also want to make sure you’ll get help finding a job once you finish the program.

You’ll find satisfaction in helping people. Of course, the best reason to take TEFL courses in Norwich is that you will find yourself in an amazing career. Not only will you get a chance to teach people who want to learn English, but you’ll be able to travel the world and meet new friends.

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