Why Should You Purchase Commercial Kitchen Equipment Over Residential?

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    Aug 13, 2014
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Why Should You Purchase Commercial Kitchen Equipment Over Residential? Photo by Colin Armstrong

Commercial kitchen equipment is different from what you would find inside your kitchen at home. You will usually only find this equipment within a large-scale kitchen. If you were thinking about sticking with residential equipment in order to save money, think again. Commercial equipment is essential to the good running of a large working kitchen. There are a number of differences you have to take into account, though.

We will look at the key reasons why you should always purchase commercial kitchen supplies over their residential counterparts.

The Size Difference

First of all, it is important for us to state the obvious. Commercial equipment is much larger than residential equipment. It enables you to cook more at a faster rate. Think about it. How else could a team of chefs cook for 100 people at the same time?

The volume means you need specific premises in order to install this type of kitchen equipment. The vast majority of residential buildings would not have the capacity to have it installed.

Quality of the Piece

Catering equipment suppliers understand users of commercial equipment will be using it on a regular basis. Let us take a restaurant kitchen as an example.

Each night, you could see a dozen chickens on the grill and a few hundred quarts of soup. This is no easy feat. It is also going to take its toll on the equipment. This is why you will typically find commercial equipment being made from other types of metals, such as heavy-duty iron and stainless steel.

For a commercial grill to work, it has to be able to withstand a flurry of activity night after night. It is also why it tends to be much heavier and much more expensive.

Safety Code

You will notice that there are more safety features on a commercial cooker than on a residential cooker. You have to remember that commercial kitchens have to deal with more safety regulations than the average kitchen. If the business does not do this, they can find themselves paying out thousands in fines; and this is assuming nobody gets hurt and decides to sue.

Safety features on commercial equipment include heat guards and finger protections. Many people forget that commercial kitchens are more active and carry more dangers than a kitchen at home.

Is it Worth the Investment?

A lot of people balk at how much they have to pay to get commercial equipment into their venue. It is understandable. You could easily spend thousands on it. The problem is most commercial venues have no choice. Residential kitchen supplies could not cook for hundreds of people in a single night. They do not have the capacity to do so.

In most cases, the additional safety features have to be implemented by law, and you will only find them on specialist equipment.

Any commercial kitchen supplies that are taken care of will last for years without any problems. Although it will cost a significant amount of money now, it will pay off in the long-term. In conclusion, do not be afraid to invest now for better results later on.

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