The Beginnings

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    Sep 07, 2012
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My name is Paul Tatireta and I have ambitions of becoming an expert in writing articles, editing and proofreading texts.  Of all the places under the sun, the good Creator designated the island of Marakei, a remote small atoll island in the Pacific Ocean as my island of birth.  The island is one of over thirty islands which make up the island country of Kiribati.

For the past year or so, I have been searching for an online job on the internet and just by pure luck, I accidentally came across a website with the name of “Interesting”, a site that offer  searchers the chance of writing articles.  I was not only elated when I found the site location but I was also deeply grateful to the owners for the reasons that it was not only free, but it also allowed any aspiring author to contribute any number of articles into their system without any set limits.  This was the opportunity I had been looking for and I went to bed the other night with a feeling of contentment and anxious anticipation of what was to come in the morning.  But this I knew very well – that I had to write and a window of opportunity had presented itself.  There was a voice, yes a second, deeply alien voice in me, that compelled me to write, to tell of my life and my experiences, good or bad, to those who would read my articles.  The inner voice was uncanny in its insistence and  gentle urgings; it seemed to cajole me into believing that I could do this mammoth task with ease.  It kept up its incessant promptings and as time passed, as any mortal man would do, I finally succumbed and now find myself on this cloudy and rainy day of Friday 6 September 2012, sitting at my table inside my humble abode with my laptop in front of me, ready to formulate an outline for my article writing.
I had slept soundly during the previous night, except for a few minutes disturbance when I heard my granddaughter, Rakentai cry out in her sleep at about midnight.  She is the apple of my eye, a wonderfully made child who came into the world as a result of a brief encounter between one of my four daughters Catherine and her boyfriend.  I will not dally on this encounter, but suffice it to say, that Rakentai was born into this world as an adorable baby girl and I loved her the moment I laid eyes on her.  But back to article writing again.  When I woke up in the morning, the idea of ‘article writing’ automatically popped up from the recesses of my mind, and as it registered; the uncanny voice reappeared and reasserted itself again upon my psychological composure, urging me gently to begin writing without delay.  I quickly sat up, thanked Him for having allowed me to wake up this morning, told Him about all the problems that the family was facing and asked for His guidance and for the strength and courage, to undertake the venture which I was about to engage myself in.

As I was brushing my teeth and afterwards, while drinking my usual morning cup of tea on the hammock, the ideas took more concrete form and began to fit themselves together into a coherent whole, as if they were pieces in a jigsaw puzzle.  The first to crystallize in my mind was ‘personal life’ second came ‘relationships’, then ‘sports’, ‘education’ and lastly ‘religion’ in that order.  The sequence emerged at random, not from any deliberate mental alignment on my part and I decided to jot them down the way they were arranged in my mind.  However, before I did so, it struck me that the five areas that emerged, summed up the entire spectrum of my life’s experiences.  I had taken part and lived the facets of each and every category of heading to the fullest, and I somehow felt a surge of confidence that I would be able to write interesting articles on each one.   So it was with this mindset that I took out my laptop, sat at my desk thinking about how I should begin it all  and I wrote:

1. Biography
2. Relationships
3. Sports
4. Education
5. Religion

After writing them down, the list of headings looked impressive on paper and despite my earlier surge of confidence, they made me wonder whether I could really do them justice in writing articles that would accurately replicate their peculiar tones and characteristics and the way I had lived them.  The ‘voice’ assured me that I could and pointed out that at any rate, in the personal context, they would inevitably reveal and portray events and incidents, whether good or bad, melancholic or jubilant, exciting or dull, alive or tragic, which I actually lived during a lifetime spanning more than 66 years.

As I write, I will systematically select my topics from one of the five headings already listed, and start, according to the best of my recollection, to write about the first category of headings and progress to the last, writing one article for each category and then back again to the first category.  By doing this, I will be able to present a collection of topics from different categories which will add variety and interest to my article writing.  I will simultaneously keep a systematic record of what I write about each heading so that when the time comes, it will not be an arduous task to compile a book on each category of writing whether the final product is a book or several books.  The method will also provide me with a way of quickly identifying the orderly sequence of events from the beginning for each category as well as the opportunity of inserting any changes that emerge as a result of my mental recollections.

So, after having introduced myself, my intentions and approaches briefly, please allow me to begin.

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