Say Cheese! Various Open Dairy Food Jobs in Wisconsin

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    Aug 06, 2013
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Wisconsin is not only known for their beer culture but also for its cheese culture, also thanks to the state's European roots. The state is a major agricultural center in the Great Lakes and Midwest regions and cheese is its best known product. The residents of the state are sometimes referred to as cheeseheads. Due to the state's agricultural trust and the prevalence of cheesemakers, there are lots of diary WI dairy food jobs & employment.

There will never be a shortage of jobs in Wisconsin's dairy industry especially if you hold a degree in food sciences. Here are some of the available dairy food jobs in Milwaukee WI and elsewhere throughout the state.


To be a cheesemaker in Wisconsin, you need to be certified (having completed degree programs related to cheese production) and licensed (having to apply at the state's license, permit and registration services). But educational qualifications and licenses may not be enough. Cheesemaking is a physically demanding job, so you will need to be strong and fit for the job.

As cheesemaker, you will be involved in all stages of production. You are to tend and milk newborn livestock and convert their milk into cheese according to the standard processes in place. Cheese is one of the most meticulous food produce to manufacture so you should strictly follow proper making and sanitation practices.

With the number of dairy farms, ranches and plants prevalent in the state, there is also an opportunity for cheesemaking and other dairy food jobs in Milwaukee WI.

Starter Culture Specialist

Do you have a degree in microbiology or bacteriology? Then why not apply as a starter culture specialist? In a few years, you can become starter culture manager. As starter culture specialist, you will assist in cheese starter production, helping to produce bulk set culture and supply them to the dairy processing plants. In the field of starter strain propagation, you will help develop bulk set cultures and transfer or propagate them for the creation of cheese cultures. You will also be tasked to create new strain of cultures.

General Production

What if you have no job experience in cheesemaking but in other foods? What if there are no open positions that match your skills at the time you apply? Don't fret. Many food jobs in Wisconsin are looking for experience professionals to help staff the general production department.

Depending on where you will be assigned in the general production department, you will assist in most processing, sanitation or maintenance tasks. In curd processing and handling, you will help with the curb processing of cheesemaking and transporting or transferring curd to one facility or machinery to another.  In maintenance, you will maintain and trouble shoot production equipment and even operate machinery. In sanitation, you will clean and sanitize, assemble and dismantle production equipment.

With the cheese culture here in the state, the WI dairy food jobs & employment sector is sure to keep the dairy farms and other cheesemaking facilities fully equipped with competent people. So don't wait for jobs to be taken away from you. Apply now!

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