How to Write a Great Resume with Zero Errors

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    Nov 05, 2012
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A great resume should contain all the relevant information that increases the chances of securing a job. Knowledge on how to write a good resume one entails identification of what to include and what to leave out. Below are some of the things that should never be included in a resume:

Irrelevant personal information: Personal details such as religion, sexual orientation and health status have no place in curriculum vitas. The only personal information that should appear is the name, contact details and the date of birth.
Irrelevant information on the previous work experience: One should not give the reason why they left or why they were fired from the previous job. Other information that should not be included is why they hated or loved their previous employers or colleagues. If the employers are interested in finding out such details, they will ask about them during the job interview. 
Irrelevant work experiences: A great resume should not be bulky and thus to avoid this one should not include experiences that are not relevant to the job opening. For example if one is applying to work as a nurse, experience as a wait staff during summer holidays would be irrelevant. 
Salary expectations: By stating the salary expectation one could lose the chance of being employed. This is because the amount stated could be higher or lower than what the company is offering for that position. Therefore it should not be included unless the vacancy requires the applicants to state how much they expect to earn. In such a case, one should do a comprehensive research so as to come up with a value that is reasonable.
Hobbies: Hobbies should not be included since they don’t give one a better chance of getting the job. They will only make the document look bulky and the employer may fail to open it because of the size.

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