Photo Jewelry - Unique Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

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    Apr 27, 2013
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Jewelry Box
Jewelry Box
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Roses are red, but flowers wilt. Fortunately there's a Mother's Day solution with zero guilt.

Okay, it may be a little cheesy, but it's highly likely that many people can relate to the frustrations that come with wanting to get the mother, wife, sister, or friend in their life the absolute perfect Mother's Day gift without falling over the line of offensive or no fun. No matter the amount of planning and good intentions that can go into a Mother's Day gift, a person can always have the thought in the back of his or her mind wondering if that amazing lady will like her gift.

Thinking back on Mother's Days gone by, many folks would probably site flowers, candles, gift cards, and gift baskets among their wrapped shows of affection. The problem is, flowers die, candles melt, and the rest are impersonal, even if they were bought with the greatest intentions. Not enough people know that those flowers can be preserved forever on a photo pendant or that a great way to personalize the gift basket is to place a photo locket in the basket amongst the other goodies.

Perhaps it's time to break away from the old fall-back ways of showing mom love and time to discover a unique Mother's Day gift-giving experience. Kathy lo rocks, LLC is a team of talented, diverse, and occasionally irreverent artists geared up and ready for special Mother's Day deliveries. The custom keepsakes offered by kathy lo rocks allow every lady's special moments to be captured on beautiful jewelry that she can carry close to her heart everywhere that she goes.

The creative menu offers an array of items to consider including charms, rings, earrings, and much more. A photo pendant with a picture of the family would be a great way to show her how much you care. Is she ready for a new Pandora charm but wants something unique? Kathy lo rocks has this covered, too. A multitude of shapes, sizes, and designs round off this extensive selection. Wide rectangular necklaces and triple drop circles allow any of her important memories to be captured on this beautiful jewelry.

Of course, she will appreciate any gift that is given to her with love. But showing her how much she's loved with a unique photo pendant of her holding her newborn baby or a photo ring of her family that she can show off just like the day she did when she was given a different kind of ring ups the ante and enhances this special day for her. Imagine her face when she tears off the paper from the box, and sees her baby's eyes staring back at her from from a gorgeous vintage heart-shaped locket. She'll likely shed tears, but they'll be happy tears as she relives the very day that is represented on her new jewelry piece.

The point of it all is to show her how unique she is with a unique Mother's Day gift that matches her individuality. Kathy lo rocks, LLC has done an amazing job of making sure that every special moment will be captured on jewelry that she will prize forever. Whether it's a photo pendant hanging next to her heart or a bracelet that she glances at all throughout the day when she needs a reminder of how much she is loved, kathy lo's custom keepsakes is excited to help make this Mother's Day a special, memorable, and incredible experience for moms, moms-in-laws, sisters, daughters, grandmas, and more this coming May. Kathy lo's team can help with other holidays and special events, too.

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We create personalized keepsakes using treasured photos and other personal items. Our goal is to make photo pendant that are treasured heirlooms. Each piece is unique to our customers and infused with special meaning.

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