Just For You - The Ultimate Gold Jewelry Buying Guide

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    Jul 29, 2013
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Just For You - The Ultimate Gold Jewelry Buying Guide Photo by Ashish  Kaith

Gold jewelry has always been purchased by people everywhere, and will continue to be in high demand in the market. Gold is one of the most attractive precious metals all over the globe. It has great aesthetic as well as economic value. It can be used as an ornament or hedged against inflation. Gold is one object which has a universal appeal and can be liquidated anywhere very easily. Listed below are a few points, which will help you understand gold jewelry in a better manner:

Psychology – Gold has been associated with royalty, luxury, success and prestige. It is considered to be auspicious in various cultures. It is often associated with victory and triumph. Gold holds a sacred space in India as it is used in various customs and traditions.

Purity – The Gold necklace is very common when it comes to bridal jewelry. To judge the purity of the ornaments, one must have a look at the carats. It is very difficult to use pure gold to make jewelry, as it is too soft. In order to make it hard, it is mixed with metals like copper, nickel zinc, etc. The carat is denoted by 'K' and the most commonly used carats are 18K, 22K and 24K. 

Cost – There are a lot of extravagant gold jewellery designs available in the market. The cost of those ornaments depends upon the purity of the gold. It depends upon the alloy used and the skill and labour utilised for making the jewelry.  Together, this cost is known as the making charges.

Colour – Gold is known to be yellow in colour. Apart from yellow, white gold and rose gold are also very popular. For those who like a blend of colours, there are two tone styles available as well. New colours can be formed by mixing pure gold with other metals. Mixing gold with white metals is in vogue now-a-days.

Authenticity – There are strict laws pertaining to the authenticity of gold. Gold jewellery designs are hallmarked by specific agencies, who can confirm their authenticity. Huge brands have their own mark displaying the carats and the features of the gold.

Maintenance – Like every other thing that you buy, gold also undergoes damage and needs to be maintained properly to prolong its shelf-life. Use warm water to carefully clean the jewellery. Make sure to use a detergent-free soap and a soft brush while cleaning it. When not in use, store the gold jewelry in a soft cloth.

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