Gold Jewellery For Kids

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    Oct 09, 2013
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Gold Jewellery For Kids Photo by Ashish  Kaith

In today's modern times, wearing a good looking piece of jewellery has become a regular fashion. Women love to flaunt their precious jewellery, while men look at jewellery as an asset. Wearing gold jewellery is a trend that is famous, not only among women but also amongst today's younger generation. Families buy precious accessories for kids right from their birth. The jewellery is designed specially keeping in mind the age of the wearer. In olden times, people used to collect gold for their girl child, to lessen the burden at the time of marriage. But in modern times, people buy gold for both boys and girls.

Jewellery designers have started creating gold sets, earrings, single bangles, bracelets, etc. for kids, keeping their tender age is mind. They make sure that there are no pointy edges or sharp corners of the ornaments, that might cause harm the delicate skin of the kids. Gold is a metal that suits every body and skin type. This eliminates the risk of skin allergies for kids. Most jewellery stores have an exclusive counter for kids, in the age group of 0 to 12 years. Black bead bracelets are widely used for kids. It is believed that wearing black beads will keep the kids safe and protected. To give these black beads a trendy look, they are woven with gold beads. This makes the jewellery look modern and raises the value of the bracelet.

Various jewellery designs are seen in baby bracelets, baby bangles and baby rings. These pieces of jewellery are designed to suit the baby's delicate skin. In modern times, jewellery designers study the current trends with kids, and design the accessories accordingly. Sometimes, even cartoon characters like Tweety, Bugs Bunny, etc. are designed into the jewellery for young kids. Jewellery for kids is light in weight, and hence, comes in the range of 18 karat to 22 karat gold. Patterns like hearts, butterflies and stars are very common for young girls, so these designs are widely used by designers when creating jewellery for kids. Sometimes, jewellery for kids have semi-precious diamonds studded in them, which makes the piece look even more attractive.

Nowadays, platinum jewellery in the form of necklaces and bracelets are loved by many young girls. It gives the jewellery piece a brighter look. Sometimes, single coloured jewellery might not attract kids as much; hence, fun elements like semi-precious colourful stones are added to the jewellery. This enhances the look of the jewellery for the young ones. Maintenance of gold accessories is zero. Since it is a precious metal, no maintenance is required. This precious quality of gold makes life easier for parents, when they think of buying jewellery for their children. To keep up with the changing fashion trends for kids, various new designs will continue to be created and jewellery for kids will adapt according to latest fashions.


Ashish Kaith is a master of gold jewellery. With his immense knowledge on gold, he has educated the general public about gold accessories on a large scale.

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