Emerald Stone and Its Extraordinary Properties

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    Sep 26, 2013
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Emerald Stone and Its Extraordinary Properties Photo by Shivangi Gupta

Since centuries and decades, the emerald stone has retained its charm and has captured the hearst of many! The emerald stone is generally set as a part of a ring, necklace, pendant and in emerald eternity rings too. The green emerald stone is available in various sizes, shapes and carats.

The emerald gemstone is also known as the ‘panna’ and is in a hue of exuberant and stunning green. It is very important to buy emerald with a good clarity and cut. Unless in its original form, a damaged emerald gemstone with marks or defects should be discarded immediately.

The emerald stone is known to strengthen and maintain relationships. Love and passion is secured when the wearer adorns an emerald stone. The panna does magic by soothing a tired mind, also enhancing sharper reflexes, logical reasoning, analysis and wisdom. The spring season doubles the emerald’s powers and hence, is the best time to begin wearing it.

No wonder one buys an emerald ring for proposals for marriage; the panna brings closeness and accord in marital relationships. A symbol of passion, love and intelligence, it enhances the total personality of the wearer. Bring loved ones nearer by gifting them an emerald ring. Even fertility issues are cured by adorning an emerald gemstone.  Attain love, warmth, longlasting vivacity and youthfulness with an emerald.

The glittering deep green colour of the emerald gemstone itself produces positive vibes; commitment in relationships is assured with it!
The translucent, rich hue and luminosity of the emerald is bought even for its divine, elegant beauty by the royal league. The panna is amongst the most distinguished and pretty gemstones available today in the Indian gem market. Hence, it has a budding and blooming customer base craving for it.

The emerald’s green shade represents the Goddess of Love and fanatical and keen sex, and romance in the air is observed! The shade also corresponds to the planet of Venus.
The pre-medieval Egyptian civilisation discovered that the emerald gemstone was a package of virtues like patience and keen insight. It empowered the immunity system of the body and provided more resistance to diseases. An increase in the mental and physical strength of the person was seen on wearing the panna. Interestingly, the emerald would change its shade if the person wearing it was treacherous.

The emerald stone is known to suit Cancerians the most, benefitting May born people.
Whether it is an anniversary, a birthday or any occasion of gala or merriment, gifting an emerald gemstone is a unique and a ‘one-of-its-kind’ proposition. Present a friend with ‘eternal spring’ to the lives of lovely and honest people!

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