The Economic Kingdom: the key to Securing South Africa

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    Jan 28, 2014
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The Economic Kingdom: the key to Securing South Africa Photo by Ayomide Aldre

The Euphoria accompanying the arrival of black-majority rule in South Africa, has dissipated into a sober realization that there is still more work to be done to bring dignity to South Africa’s black majority. Land reform, housing initiatives and black empowerment initiatives have so far delivered on popular expectations only slowly. Invigorated plans are required to ensure predictable and peaceful transformation in the new South Africa.

After fighting long wars of liberation, the Southern Africa region is now peaceful. The violence and often brutal conflict experienced in southern African states have left a difficult legacy that many states are still struggling to overcome. However, this is simmering economic discontent, which produced its first violent manifestation in the new South Africa, during the Marikana clashes.

The hard won fight for South Africa’s political independence is increasingly giving way to a new struggle for economic freedom. The extent to which this struggle could compromise National Security in South Africa is unknown, but as South Africa moves closer to elections in 2014 – the issue of economic freedom and transparency will rise on South Africa’s national agenda. The decision of Julius Malema (the expelled African National Congress – ANC – youth leader) to names his new political party the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) is in itself indicative of the severity of concerns about economic justice and inequality in South African society. His support bases lies amongst the youth of South Africa, and amongst those who effectively ensure the smooth running of the national economy, but still don’t believe they are receiving their fair share.

There can be no foregone conclusions about South Africa’s future. The history of the country provides ample evidence of humankind at its most oppressive, and humankind at its most benevolent. Once again enlightened decision-making by the few controlling South Africa’s economy can save the country from any further disharmony. It is left to see if those will the power to generate peaceful change will channel the courage of Nelson Mandela to keep South African united and peaceful.

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South Africa is no exception. High crime rates are often highlighted as being amongst the greatest challenges to National Security in South Africa.

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