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    Oct 17, 2012
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If someone asks you about the most secret and unusual place on the soil of the United States, what will your answer be? If you know much about the U.S., there is a are fair chance that your answer might be “Area 51.

There are millions of people who have been claiming over and again that they have seen UFOs flying over  Area 51 . These claims have added to its spooky aura and unusualness. Though there is no official backing to these statements, many people speculate that Area 51 might be an army or commanding area of Unidentified Flying Objects. The secrecy behind Area 51 has whetted the curiosity of millions across the globe and to satisfy their curiosity people keep browsing through the internet to get Area 51 News and other Area 51 Updates. Not only this, there are several websites that have ferreted out some fascinating Area 51 Pictures and promise to have Area 51 News galore.

The U.S. Government has always denied the existence of any unusual activities being carried out in and around Area 51. In spite of the government's unwillingness to disclose anything about the base, Area 51 is believed to be a secret place where research on Flying Discs of Extraterrestrial Origin is being carried out. What strengthened this belief was an interview of a former Area 51 employee to Las Vegas journalist George Knapp.

In his interview this employee confirming the existence of the base and the nature of its work.  Besides all these claims, there is no lack of people who say that it is mere a speculation, whereas in reality Area 51 is the nicknamed U.S. military base located in Nevada desert. No matter what the area is called, a base for research on spaceships or U. S. military base, its never ending  tales of aliens and spaceships have captured the imagination of people around the world.

If you have penchant for gathering interesting facts about Area 51, then you can browse through the internet as there are several websites catering to your specific liking. They offer you all Area 51 News, Area 51 Updates and Area 51 Pictures.

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