Salsa at the Europa Park (Satis Shroff)

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    Sep 12, 2012
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Dancing Salsa at the Europa Park (Satis Shroff)

The motley-clad visitors from the Europa Park, near Freiburg, came out through the big gate in their casual clothes and sneakers, hamburgers in their hands, laughing and exchanging stories of their rides. And the school-kids came in fine evening dresses. The young ladies were looking gorgeous in their colourful, decent gowns in their hands, and the boys looking cool in their white shirts and dark suits and impeccable shoes. They wore either ties or bow-ties around their small, long necks. They were excited and embarrassed as they greeted each other: 300 females and 100 males, for that was the ration of the dance partners.

Some posed in front of the spacious, round fountain in the Europa Park at Rust. Even their proud, anxious parents were excited to see their almost grown-up children dancing, and to dance with them or just to enjoy the evening together.

The event was the farewell summer-ball of the dance courses involving ballroom and Latin American dancing, organised by the Tanzschule Gutmann, the best address in Freiburg at the moment. During my student days it used to be Tanzschule Fritz. Well, when you’ve done a dance course you end it with style.

The ball was held in Europa Park’s Ballsaal Berlin, a big hall with portraits in oil of Germany’s presidents. Even Wulff was hanging there with illustrious predecessors. The evening began with an opening show at 8:30 pm. The school-kids marched in at 9pm and then began a dance a dance competition for the beginners, followed by a salsa workshop for those interested, especially parents. Young and old were there, doing the salsa to catchy tunes at the Salsa Bianca.

Then came the Tanschule Gutmann Show which was breathtaking: slow waltz, Vienna waltz and tango performed par excellence by professional dancers. The finale and the prizes for the three winning pairs was at 11:45 pm. A show with the title ‘Time Machine 2’  went on till 1:45 am. Between the shows there were opportunities for everyone to dance on the crowded floors, and there were four dance floors scattered around the Europa Park, but relatively nearby. The main thing was to be a part of the event.

If you know the ballroom dances and the salsa, you could do new workshops: west coast swing, lindy hop, tango argentine, kizomba and bachata. Savvy dancing?

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