Learn the Functions of an Engine Lathe

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    Sep 06, 2013
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Learn the Functions of an Engine Lathe Photo by James Fallondale

Lathes are useful for rotating parts made of wood or metal. Such process of rotation is intended to produce a finished product that is symmetrical in shape. Lathes are especially useful when sanding, turning, drilling or cutting.

Engine lathes are a hard material cutting machine tool and have been used for many years. Long ago, lathes were operated through pedals and levers. They were prevalently utilized when performing metalworking, pot making and woodturning functions.

Distinct forms of lathes are present in the various fields that are in need of precision components. The engine lathe is a relatively simple type of automatic turning equipment that has undergone tremendous progress to attain its current form. They have been very efficient in producing and handling comparably durable materials.

Where are engine lathes necessary?

The engine lathe is sometimes called a central lathe or bench lathe. It is primarily used in forming and cutting of tough materials. These lathes are likely the most widely relied upon equipment by blacksmiths and general machinists thanks to their versatile capabilities.

The engine lathe gets its name from its historical power source being that of the steam engine. Its name did not arise from the kind of components that it produces as many believe. Although, these machine tools are capable of producing engine parts among others.

Even though commonly used to create components which are symmetrical, like tenons, they are also used for spinning metallic sheets and boring precise holes. The versatility of the equipment is the main reason so many manufacturing industries rely on them.

Why do companies utilize engine lathes?

Many industries depend on engine lathes. This is partially due to the simplicity of their design and their reliability. They can produce very precise parts that can be duplicated easily using the same machinery. These lathes are not very difficult to operate in relation to their more advanced counterparts.


In terms of repair and maintenance, lathes are not very demanding. However, this does not mean that you should skip routine maintenance. Inexperienced lathe operators should be guided by a professional to make sure that the job is performed right. Remember that you must never entrust the repair of your lathe to amateurs.

Lathe repairs are not extremely difficult given that parts are conveniently attainable and many repair specialists are present in almost all areas.

Identifying the Ideal Engine Lathe for You

Buying the best machine for your needs may not be as easy as it seems. You need to be highly knowledgeable of lathes to determine the ideal equipment for your factories needs. If you wish to cut costs, it would be wise to buy used rather than a brand new lathe.

Second hand lathes are normally dependable given that lathes are designed to last for any years. However, new lathes typically come with manufacturer warranties and they may have more modern parts. Purchasing a retrofitted lathe can be best for a limited budget when you wish to obtain a machine with the most modern components. Retrofitted machines have undergone refurbishment and have been updated with recent technology.

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