Why An EDM Machine Is Perfect For Precision Applications

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    Aug 25, 2013
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Why An EDM Machine Is Perfect For Precision Applications Photo by James Fallondale

An EDM is actually an electronic discharge machine. They differ from other computer controlled machine tools in that they use electrical discharges, often called sparks, to produce specific shapes in metal parts. An EDM machine is commonly called a spark machine by some industry professionals. Applications include spark eroding, die sinking and wire erosion in which metals are subjected to various electrical process resulting in the desired shape or design.

The two main types of EDM machine include:

Sinker EDM’s produce electrical sparks and use an insulating liquid to perform material removal functions. A wire EDM uses a single brass wire strand to create deep cuts in metal components. Small hole and spark EDM’s are also popular.

EDM processes involve precise, accurate cutting and forming. For this reason, many different industries including aerospace, electronics and more use these intricate machine tools to fabricate parts.

Processes including coin manufacturing vehicle component fabrication and more benefit from the precision results acquired using various types of EDM machines. Mould production or prototype creation is another process in which they are invaluable as precision tools.

Very small holes can be created in metal parts using a small hole drilling EDM which allow large plats to be eroded to the part with no pre-drilling required. This is a method used in various industries to form components like jet engine turbine blades and various fuel system components.

What do EDMs offer over other CNC cutting machinery?

• Precision cutting of hard metals is capable using these machine tools.  They strictly and accurately adhere to specified designs which is not typically possible using traditional CNC cutting tools. Their ability to shape extremely hard materials allows them to accomplish functions that are impossible using many other styles of cutting tools or equipment.

• Their design allows consistent production of high quality, precision end products. Issues in product quality have been completely eliminated due to the fact that there is no point of contact in between the metal part and the tooling.

• The critical cutting ability ensures that the end product has a high quality surface finish. Even fine hole formation is possible using EDM’s. The results are impossible to recreate using other traditional cutting tools.

• When oil-based insulating fluids are used, material cutting is improved even greater. Material costs can be greatly reduced by ensuring precision end results of products.

• Production speeds are often slower compared to many high speed production cutting machines, but the quality of finished products are far superior.

The main disadvantage of this type of equipment is the excessive tooling and component wear due to extreme stress put on them. However, replacement parts are typically easy to come by. There are also a number of different companies that offer maintenance and repair services. Their great deal of maintenance in no way outweighs the benefits of an EDM’s efficiency. In fact, a well-maintained EDM machine will provide many years of superior service.

EDM’s are indispensable in every industry they are used in. It is important that you trust only the top distributors and service providers in your industry to ensure the best results.

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