All You Need To Know About Budget Hotels In Jaipur

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    May 20, 2013
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All You Need To Know About Budget Hotels In Jaipur Photo by Hotel Dera Rawatsar

India has always been a much-coveted tourist hotspot. Throughout its length and breadth, India is full of places of tourist interest. But among all these, Jaipur is the most exotic one. In ancient times, many kings and lords built their summer palaces in the city. These palaces are now preserved as the most acclaimed cultural heritage sites in India. So, if you are looking for relaxed holiday where you can witness breathtaking architectural wonders as well as natural beauty at leisure, then Jaipur is the place for you.

Amongst all the myriad reasons that make the city such a haunt for tourists all over the world, one is the plethora of infrastructural facilities Jaipur offers. While the lavish hotels in the city are attractive to the elites, the budget hotels in Jaipur act as the savior of the middle-class man. These budget hotels are most suitable for people who love to explore the world without burning a hole in their pockets.

Many of the budget hotels in Jaipur offer the guests free local transport services within the city. The hotel’s buses and vans take you on a fun-filled sight-seeing trip in the city. Almost all budget hotels in the city provide the guests with unlimited tea and coffee services in the room.

Besides, the best thing about these budget hotels in Jaipur is that they provide to the guests trustworthy tourist guides at minimal costs. The guides referred by these hotels ask for the standard fees and are very reliable, preventing the risk of being duped by frauds and cheats.

These temporary residences offer yet another delight you simply do not want to miss- authentic local cuisines at an affordable price. Rajasthan in known worldwide for its delectable local food and these hotels offer you the wonderful opportunity to gorge on to it to your heart’s content.

The rustic, old-world ambience provided by these hotels is another tourist temptation in the city. The budget hotels in Jaipur are not newly constructed architectures. They are converted from small havelis that were constructed decades ago. Even the cheapest hotel in the city does not compromise on ambience.

Finding cheap and convenient hotels in the city is not a herculean task. Most of the hotels near the Jaipur railway station are budget hotels. The fact that these hotels are located in the epicenter of the city and so well-connected to the railway station and the airport is another reason why Jaipur is considered an amicable city for both the rich and the not-so-rich.

These budget hotels in Jaipur are thus an add-on to the resplendent palette of tourist destinations, comforts and conveniences that the exotic Pink City offers.

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