Helpful Groundhog Removal Tips

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    Jun 19, 2014
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Red tiny Flowers at home
Red tiny Flowers at home
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If you are someone that takes pride in a well maintained, nice looking yard, then there could be nothing more disturbing than finding holes in around your yard. If you are certain there were not any dogs or kids digging around, then it is most likely the work of groundhogs.

Groundhogs, are also sometimes called woodchucks, are little creatures are nothing short of frustration for most. They burrow under everything, and it can harm your yard, your foundation, and even the structures on your property. The burrows can go on for quite some ways, as there are often 46 feet of tunnels beneath the soil.

Groundhogs are actually rodents, and they are usually about 16 to 26 inches in length. They can weigh almost ten pounds, and they have curved, thick claws. They tend to live about two to three years, naturally, and they usually own consume grasses and vegetation. They will, though, eat grasshoppers and other small insects at times. They often have two to six offspring in any given litter.

Ways to Get Rid of Groundhogs

There are actually a number of things you can do to get rid of groundhogs. Here are a few tips that may help.

Tip 1: Move Them

Your local hardware store should sell animal traps. They are easy to use. Set it up about 50 feet from the hole. Fill with groundhog-friendly foods (e.g., apples, lettuce, carrots). Wait for it to get caught. Depending on how many groundhogs you have, you may have to set multiple traps. However, some state regulations prohibit animal trapping, so check first to be sure it is legal. If it is legal, check with a local exterminator about where to relocate the animals. Be sure it is an area miles away from your home.

Tip 2: Trim and Scare

Groundhogs like things to hide in, so remove all piles of trash, tall grass/weeds, and any other obstructions that may look inviting to them. Though some people consider these eye sores, consider using garden gnomes, small scarecrows, wind spinners, wind chimes, or anything else that causes movement, sound, and agitation. Groundhogs like places that are still, quiet, and safe for their babies. If it looks like there is a little party going on, they will look elsewhere for a home.

Tip 3: Call Your Local Pest Control Professional

One of the single best things you can do to eliminate groundhogs on your property is to contact a pest control specialist who can help. With the knowledge and experience necessary to help you get rid of groundhogs quickly, it’s really the best possible method to employ.

Once you are sure you have gotten rid of the groundhog, fill in the holes and plant grass seed to replace what was lost. For more tips, call your Ross Environmental Solutions, your southern New Jersey exterminator. They should be able to help with either information or services.

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