Top Advantages of Installing Vertical Radiators

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    Aug 29, 2014
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Top Advantages of Installing Vertical Radiators Photo by Colin Armstrong

Vertical radiators are a modern type of radiator designed to fit into compact locations yet still provide a good supply of heat. You will most commonly find them in bathrooms and kitchens. If you have yet to decide on whether they can be a worthwhile addition to your home, read this article. With the help of Electric Heating Supplies, we are going to discuss some of the top advantages of installing a vertical radiator.

Towel Heaters : You will often find them in bathrooms because of how good they are as towel heaters. In fact, they are so good at this that companies have come out with special ladder editions. These allow you to place multiple towels on the heater whilst still heating the rest of the bathroom. It is an easy way to keep your towels dry without throwing them in the dryer.

Saving Space : These radiators allow you to save a considerable amount of space. Bathrooms and kitchens are notorious for having very little wall space. It means the old-fashioned horizontal radiators cannot be installed in these rooms. You are often left deciding between cupboards and worktops and getting a radiator. Vertical heating radiators fit into a small space. As long as you are not living in a house with an extremely low ceiling, there is no reason why these cannot work a treat.

Fewer Obstructions : Obstructions are a killer for radiators. Horizontal radiators take up so much space that it's easy to get into a situation where you're blocking part of it with a piece of furniture. Vertical electric heating radiators are different because the top of them is extremely narrow. You have a smaller chance of inadvertently getting in the way of the stream of heat.

Design Ready : Most radiators will not catch the eye, but these ones do. The vertical style is intriguing and adds a futuristic design aspect to your home. They are also available in a range of stunning designs. Companies realised that many people install them for this reason alone. Look online and you will be able to find them in a range of colours and styles.

What about the Heat? : There is little difference between vertical and horizontal radiators in terms of the heat they put out. You can still fill a chilly room with a vertical heating radiator without spending more on your energy bills. Of course, they still require you to take action. If your home does not have wall cavity insulation or loft insulation, you are not going to get much efficiency out of your radiators. You also have to beware of the positioning. A professional installer will be able to show you where you need to install your new radiators to get the most out of them.

Overall, you should call in a professional if you are unsure about what these radiators can do for you. They will be able to visit your home and provide a comprehensive quote for how much it is going to cost to have them installed. Now you will never have to go cold again because you'll be able to have a radiator in every room of your home!

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