The Benefits Of Using An Oil Free Air Compressor

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    Sep 30, 2013
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The Benefits Of Using An Oil Free Air Compressor Photo by Aabher Ray

The most important essential element that every person needs to survive, is fresh clean air to breathe. Be it for industrial applications or for homes, the need for air dehumidifying systems has comparatively increased due to the constant fluctuations in climatic conditions and excess humidity. Choosing a dry air system can be very difficult, if you do not possess much knowledge about them. Though all kinds of air compressing units offer competitive advantages over each other, oil free air compressors also known as piston compressors, offer a whole range of benefits which makes them one of the finest air drying systems.

Scientifically designed to compress air, these systems have a unique design and mechanism which prevents oil from getting in contact with the internal screws. Preventing the risk of oil spills, an oil free air compressor is less pollutant, compared to compressors which use oil. Technically, air compressors are available in three different variants, i.e. reciprocating air, rotary centrifugal and rotary screws. Though all the three kinds of compressors can function efficiently without the use of oil, the rotary screw air compressor continues to be the most widely used model. Constructed with a high level of precision, the oil free screw compressors have a compression system, which is not lubricated and has screws which are contact-free.

Oil free air compressing systems are extensively used in industrial applications, for the level of safety and efficiency that they offer. However, they are also used in and around houses, as they are flexible and convenient to use. As oil free units compress air with the aid of the screws, they have a lower discharge pressure compared to the air conditioning systems, which use oil for compression. Multistage oil free compressors often use several screws which makes them achieve maximum discharged pressure, covering more than 57 cubic meters per minute. These dehumidification and cooling systems are also used for research purposes and semi-conductor production, as these applications do not allow aerated oil to carry-over.

Oil free air compressing systems are less durable compared to the ones which use oil. However, quality maintenance can increase the life of the system, making it last as long as the oil based ones. The power consumption of the air dehumidification system depends upon the model that you choose. A smaller system will use less power compared to a larger system. As the speed of most oil free compressor models can be regulated, it also aids in controlling the amount of energy consumed. Before choosing an air compressing unit, it is always recommended to research about different brand models in the market. You can also seek the advice of an expert as the compressor you choose should best fulfill your needs.


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