Find Your Dream Home on the Big Island of Hawaii with Bobby and Hawaii Builders

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    Mar 13, 2014
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Find Your Dream Home on the Big Island of Hawaii with Bobby and Hawaii Builders Photo by Bobbyinchawa Nakamura

Experienced Custom Home Builders at Kona | BobbyIncHawaii

"Every home I build I want to be able to point to and say 'I built that,'" Bobby says. "For those of us who were born here, it's not so much about the money but more about the pride when we do something. My roots, my local ties, make all the difference in my Hawaii construction work."

In his previous career as a cook for Peter Merriman of Hawaii Regional Cuisine fame, and also a personal chef for some of the celebrities who own luxury homes and retreats on the Kona-Kohala Coast, Bobby honed a strong attention to detail and quality control, creativity, the ability to work quickly and perseverance to get the job done right. He now applies those same traits to home building. Based in Kailua-Kona, where Bobby lives with his wife, he works to custom build homes that stand out from cookie cutter designs and styles seen on the mainland and other parts of the Big Island.

"Living on the Big Island all my life I feel I have a special connection to the land and the lifestyle and the reason people enjoy living here," he says. "I know that they want this home to be more than just another house in mainland suburbia."

Bobby also knows the rules, regulations, and codes you need to fulfill -- and the order to follow those steps -- to get a home built correctly and on time.

"The people on my Hawaii construction team who work with me on the building are professionals and they all feel like I do," he adds. "Most are from here like me or have been here awhile, so they understand what we are trying to do when we begin a project. I really control the whole building process, but it takes a skilled Hawaii construction team of Hawaii Builders to make it come together. And that's what I have."

In addition to his own team, Bobby has an extensive network of business acquaintances and resources to draw from when building a custom home. He knows the best places to source the specific materials his clients request and how to save his clients money during the construction process.

"It's an island, so having good relationships with everyone will enable us to work more smoothly and get you into your custom Hawaii home faster and at the price you expected to pay," he says. "For a Hawaii Home Builder, there is no better place to be building homes than the place where you were born and raised. We like to point this out to our potential clients because that's exactly how we think."

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