Hot Ideas for Fireplace Remodeling

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    Aug 25, 2014
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Hot Ideas for Fireplace Remodeling Photo by Nick  Willson

Remodeling your home is always a popular idea. You get the look or functions you want without having to buy a new home. Fireplace remodeling is a good idea too. Many homes feature old versions that can really drag down the style of the rest of the room it’s in. Plus, by remodeling your fireplace, you can get more from its functionality. Before you take on such a big project, though, consider the following ideas to get the best finished result.

Replace the Materials

One of the easiest ways to get more from your fireplace is to simply give it a facelift. As we mentioned, many homes feature the old wood-burning variety that may have a truly outlandish exterior. Remember lava rocks? No matter what you do to the rest of your room, a fireplace covered in lava rocks isn’t going to fool anybody.
However, it’s a fairly affordable operation to remove whatever the current material is and replace it with something like marble, stone or tile. These days even a cheap option like concrete can be made to look amazing. Best of all, you don’t need to actually alter the operation of your current fireplace.

Enhance What You Already Have

Fireplace remodeling sometimes means addressing the area that surrounds it. Maybe the immediate exterior is fine, but it’s otherwise just a hole in the wall for fire to go. Consider adding a mantle if you don’t have one. An expansive molding will also draw more positive attention to your fireplace without demanding a grueling project or large investment. Columns are an especially good look and will do plenty, even if you never touch the fireplace itself.

Convert to a Newer Version

No discussion about fireplace remodeling would be complete without mentioning your options for converting an older option. If you’re still stacking wood and adding kindling to use your fireplace, it’s probably safe to say it’s been a while since you’ve built a fire. This is an almost archaic operation compared to our high-tech lives these days. Plus, your hands, clothes, and surrounding area can need cleaning when it’s all done.

Instead, consider modern gas-burning options. Your choices include:

• An affordable option like a gas log kit for less than $1,000.
• For a bit more, a vent-free option will give you the same look and feel without having to worry about losing heat to a damper.
• If you have the budget for it, a gas fireplace insert is the best option. Your fireplace remodeling project will need about $3,000 for it, but you’ll get the most efficient heating option and can find them in just about any style you want.

Consider Your Overall Costs

While we’re on the subject of your fireplace remodeling budget, it’s worth considering what you’ll spend on the finished product. As you have probably learned, it’s easy to get carried away with all the options out there. You’ll have no problem dropping thousands of dollars into remodeling your fireplace, which could actually be a real issue.

Generally, conventional wisdom is that you shouldn’t spend more than 1% of your house’s total cost, once the project is complete. This number should still give you plenty of options, plus it ensures a good return on your investment if you ever sell.

Keep the Theme Consistant

Also, don’t get so carried away with your fireplace remodeling options that you forget about the rest of your home. A mosaic tile border may look great, but if the rest of your home has a cottage theme to it, that fireplace is going to burn your eyes long before you ever start using it. Most people don’t base the rest of their home’s style around the fireplace they choose either. No matter what the theme of your house is, you should still have plenty to work with, stylistically.

Furthermore, if you are considering selling in the near future, a taste-neutral look is really best. Potential buyers may not be as fond of fireplace remodeling as you are, after all. So even if it matches the rest of your home’s style, keeping a natural look will ensure you don’t lose a buyer because they don’t want the headache of undoing your handiwork.

Remodeling your fireplace can do a lot for the room and your home, in general. However, be sure to consider the above ideas before you begin or the otherwise great feature can burn a hole in your pocket and leave your home worse off in the process.

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Everyone loves a great looking fireplace. Although they’re meant to provide heat, fireplace Remodeling with style can make all the difference in a room. If your fireplace has seen better days, don’t worry. There are some very simple but effective methods you can use for remodeling it and turning it into the centerpiece your room deserves.

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