Electric Radiators - Home Central Heating without the Gas

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    Apr 17, 2014
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Electric Radiators - Home Central Heating without the Gas Photo by Colin Armstrong

With the rising cost of fossil fuel energy and the government's commitment to slashing more than three-quarters of carbon emissions by 2050, more and more people are turning to electric heating systems for their heating and hot water needs. For the more than four million people in the UK that are not connected to the gas grid, electricity is already the favoured energy source for heating; for the majority of people that already have gas boilers installed in their homes however, the decision to switch is not such an easy one.

Making the Switch

Many people that consider the move to electricity from gas are put off by the thought of installation and the cost of ripping out their current wet system and replacing it with a whole new electrically powered one. Not only is there the cost to think about, there is the disruption to your home as a new heating system is installed.

In reality, there need not be any such worries. Combi boilers like those offered by Electric Heating Supplies (EHS) might run on electricity but these are designed to operate exactly as you would expect a gas system to.

Electric combi boilers can be installed in place of your old gas boiler,working in the same way. There is no need for any new radiators or pipework; it really is simply a case of out with the old and in with the new - the new boiler powering your standard radiators and working with your existing thermostatic valves.

If you do need additional heating in rooms then it is recommended that you go for electric radiators over standard ones to prevent the need for further pipework. These radiators will obviously not be connected to the central heating system, but do feature in-built thermostat panels to give you the same level of control.

No Gas, No Maintenance

While electric heating systems can be used in place of a gas boiler and will operate in the same way (albeit more efficiently), the fact that EHS combi boilers are powered by electricity means that these do not have a flue. Not only is this a great space saving benefit, it eliminates the regular maintenance checks that are required to ensure gas boilers are functioning properly and running safely. The lack of a flue also means that there no risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning as a result of an unmaintained system. 

If you value your central heating system, but prefer the thought using electricity for heat, EHS combi boilers will provide you with the best of both worlds, with some added benefits to boot.

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