Electric Heaters: Is it Time You Switched?

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    Apr 14, 2014
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Electric Heaters: Is it Time You Switched? Photo by Colin Armstrong

For most homeowners in the UK, gas heating and 'wet' system radiators are the standard in home heating. These radiators connect to the central boiler and heating is supplied using hot water circulated by pumps. The biggest benefit of gas over electric heating is that it is more energy efficient; fuel bills are considerably less using gas than if you are plugging heaters into a socket. So why, then, are many people choosing electric over gas? Surely you want to heat your home using the cheapest method available, right. Well, per kWh cost aside, electric heating offers a range of benefits that gas does not; benefits that justify any increased usage expense.


In terms of product price, an electric heater and a wet system radiator are similarly matched. However, when it comes to installation the former is a much better solution. Installing electric heating simply requires you to find a spot for your heater and plug it in. It really is as easy as that, and you do not need the help of any plumber or DIY expert. Unfortunately, the same simplicity cannot be extended to wet system radiators, which will often require new pipework and significant labour.


If you visit Electric-heatingsupplies.co.uk, you will notice that we offer castors, designed to allow for temporary heating solutions in conservatories, sun rooms are wherever else in the home that requires some instant heat. As electric heaters operate via the mains, the portability they offer is something that gas heaters are unable to compete with. Whenever and wherever you need heat, you can rely on an electric heater.

Flexible Heating

Similar to portability, electric heating is a very flexible heating solution and can be switched on and off as you need it. If you purchase a modern digital radiator, you will also get the benefit of a built-in thermostat and control panel that allows you to remain in full control of your heating – very useful in the unpredictable UK climate!

Environmental Friendliness

The final, but perhaps the most significant, benefit of electric heating is the environmental friendliness that such a solution offers. In a world where governments are doing all they can to reduce the carbon footprint of citizens, electric heaters are a sustainable resource that reduces reliance on gas and lowers CO2 emissions.

Electric heating might be less energy efficient than gas, but with the benefits that it offers, does that really matter?

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