Fashionable Hair Styles for Young Men

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    Oct 22, 2013
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Haircut and a neck shave
Haircut and a neck shave
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Your get-up is trendy and now you want to pair it up with a chic hair style. A fashionable hair style that can give you the total look you want. It also gives you the confidence you need. Youth is a carefree phase that helps you prepare for life. Start by determining the haircut you want.

The coolest hairstyles for young men like you are easy to maintain and is very versatile.

Long Hair
This long hair trend has been ‘in’ for the youth years before and there seems to be no stopping it. To attain the right cut for your hair, come to your hairdresser and ask them to trim away those thick, bulky layers and tame the wavy, curly, and stubborn locks. Straight hair is boring so you need to add layers around your face to lighten up or add volume and body. You can let your hair grow to a desirable shoulder-length, not longer. Too long hair looks better on mature men.

To further show your fashion statement, add some color and use some hair polish. Make your hair exciting while showing some responsibility. Remember to always keep your hair looking fresh and bouncy.

Side part slicked hair
Your hairdresser cleans the side part of your head, keeping it real neat and very tidy. The hair dresser navigates the area around your ears, hairline, and above your neck.  The center hair is definitely longer.

To thoroughly clean the look, a razor is used to finish the stray hairs to obtain a tailored and refined result. The issue here is to keep your sides tidy. Check your haircut while you are inside the salon. Look for a single stray hair from the sides of your head.

This hairstyle fits all kinds of hair. Boys with moderately straight hair can forget about a flat head top while those young men with curly hair can get away with it with a little help from a blow dryer and a spray.

This haircut is a combination of undercut and a quiff swept on the side. The hair moves and falls on your forehead. This provides the young factor. The uncut hair parts are obvious, yet you know it is a fine, good cut.

The side and back part of your head is cut using a no 2 or maybe a no 3 clipper guard. Some hairstylists however, use the trusted scissors-over-the-comb type of trimming. Both techniques deliver the same look. This haircut is versatile and is applicable for straight and curly hair. A mousse styling helps you keep the style.

You can think of other variations on these styles to match your active lifestyle. They are slick, neat, and easy to maintain.

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