Custom Fishing Rods Make The Experience More Enjoyable

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    Apr 10, 2013
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Like the treasured set of one of a kind golf clubs that the avid golfer carries to the course for every round or the baseball player’s favorite bat, beloved for its perfect weight, shape, and feel, custom fishing rods can turn any avid fisherman’s fishing trip into a deeply personal experience with Mother Nature. The confidence and control that comes with using custom fishing rods that are built from scratch to be something completely your own cannot be ignored. Any serious fisherman who is passionate about his way of life will find that custom fishing rods are just the thing to elevate fishing to more than a hobby.

There is more to building a fishing rod than simply attaching a string to a stick and attaching attractive lure. Custom fishing rods look to today’s technological advances to create the finest tools of the trade at the modern fisherman’s disposal. Carbon fiber has stretched the limits of what is possible to build and allows custom fishing rods to achieve lengths and speed previously thought impossible.

However, the rise of carbon fiber and other synthetic materials have led to a decrease in the use of other more traditional materials in mass produced rods and poles. Many fisherman embrace the changes as progress, but for the experienced fisherman who has grown to embrace the likes of glass fiber, a previously popular and durable fishing rod material, it is often difficult to track down additional glass rods in today’s sportsmen shops. Furthermore, even when such hard to find gear may be found, that same determined fisherman may often find that the variety of choices in that particular material are not actually varied at all. It can be frustrating to feel like your tools are not up to the quality that you have grown accustomed to working with and this is where the use of custom fishing rods can pick up the slack where the mass produced fishing pole market has failed. When you choose to replace your tired and worn out rods with specially made custom fishing rods, you are guaranteed to get the rod of your dreams. A glass, graphite, or even an all natural tapered bamboo fishing rod is well within reach, despite current trends and tastes.

Highly customized fishing rods give fishermen complete control over every facet of the rod’s creation. Modern fishing rods maintain the cork standard for the creation of grips, but should you have another preference, other materials, such as foam, plastic, or wood are available. Due to their inherently specific craftsmanship, custom made fishing rods are practically works of usable art. With an endless array of colors, materials, and even unique patterns to choose from, no two rods will be the same. Your fishing rod becomes a true extension of yourself, like the trusted and valued gear of any dedicated athlete, artist, musician, or five star chef. It becomes a pleasure to work with and a pride to display to likeminded peers.


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