The Must-Have Features Of A Winning E-Commerce Website

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    Apr 15, 2014
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The Must-Have Features Of A Winning E-Commerce Website Photo by Anurag Gupta

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the greatest invention 20th century has witnessed is probably ‘Online Shopping’! Right from a gadget freak to an occasional internet user, nobody is a stranger to online product shopping, anymore. But believe it or not, with the growth of over enthusiastic web traffic, it has become a challenge for the E-Commerce Websites to attract and engage web customers, without losing them to other market competitors. A smart E-Commerce Web Design, thus, comes into play. So if you are also one of those E-Commerce Website owners, here is a list of the features that must be included in your website for a flourishing online business:


  • Featured Products/Hot Promotions: This feature displays a list of products on the home page or at the side columns of the website to give a clear idea to the visitors about all the top selling products of the company. It may also include 'Sell-Boosters' like seasonal offers, discount offers or festive offers. It simply creates a push to make sure that the products get noticed by the visitors.


  • Search Box: Search Box feature is crucial for making the product searching process easy, faster and flexible. It enables the visitors to quickly type in the product that they are looking for and land to the respective page. The infusion of auto complete/suggestion option to this feature boosts user friendliness and increases the prospects of extra selling by suggesting other related items.


  • Category View Customization: A winning E-Commerce Website must provide flexibility of filtering and sorting to the users. This feature makes the product search much easier and quicker as the required products can be filtered according to the required brand, price, color, size, etc., without browsing through the entire webpage.


  • Product Zoom & Details: There could be nothing worse than incomplete product information and low resolution images on an E-Commerce Website. Detailed information about the product along with high resolution images is always a plus point for boosting sale. The product zoom feature, further, brings out the product details and it appears as of the visitors can feel and touch the products.


  • Product Page/Website Sharing: The referrals of existing users can, certainly, attract greater web traffic and can enhance the chances of greater sales. A good E-Commerce Website must, therefore, include the feature of easy sharing of the product page(s) or website with acquaintances or friends.


  • Payment Confirmation & Delivery Information: Furnished and clear payment confirmation document, after online purchases, relieves the buyers of the fears of online buying. A winning E-Commerce Website must be seamlessly integrated with post-purchase processes to update the users about their complete online spending. After the payments have been made, a reliable E-Commerce Website must give clear information about the delivery time scales so that the buyers know about the expected arrival of their ordered products.


So to conclude, it can be said that a blend of few intelligent features, like the ones mentioned above, surely creates a Winning E-Commerce Website that is fully equipped for online sales.

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