Magento Just Got Better!

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    Jun 16, 2013
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Magento brings ecommerce to life
Magento brings ecommerce to life
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For those in the world of online business, this is great news for you. Put simply - this latest version of Magento takes scalability to the next level and makes it much easier for you to grow your business online.

Quicker page speeds will be favoured by leading search engine Google who last year incorporated website speed in to it's listing algorithm, positioning websites higher or lower based on website speed. Further to being more visible in search engines, faster websites sell more according to a vast majority of eCommerce functionality benchmark studies.

James Harrison, Bliss Media's lead Magento Developer said that the restructuring of tax calculation formulas means less headaches for Australian businesses, "the current version can incorrectly round decimal places meaning you get $0.01 differences between what invoices say vs the dollar amount that goes into the bank - GST is a big player in this issue".

With the phenomenal growth of eCommerce, we need to be smarter about how we conduct sales in the online space. Magento knows this, and have responded with a greater platform that meets the needs of online retailers in today's world. Roy Rubin, co-founder and chief operating officer at Magento said in a statement "We're committed to building upon the Magento platform enabling greater flexibility, performance and scalability to empower merchant growth."

We are very excited about using this version for our latest Magento Enterprise project, redeveloping Nutricia's Aptamil & Karicare B2C and B2B website. Developing their eCommerce platform on such a robust system is really going to cement their market position in the digital world and leverage on the opportunities available.

All-in-all, this is a great move for Magento. It is exciting times in the world of eCommerce and we are looking forward to offering this solution to our clients. Updating versions is a fairly straight forward process here at Bliss, but we're happy to have a discussion about the best way to move your online business forward.



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