Sell Online on Amazon, The Easy Way

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    Apr 17, 2014
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Sell Online on Amazon, The Easy Way Photo by Leonard Schwartz

A lot of people engage in buying and selling online, but one of the biggest names out there is Amazon. Amazon is an international e-commerce company based in America. One can confidently say that it is the largest online retailer in the world.

This is why many Internet shoppers go to Amazon for their e-commerce business needs. A lot of entrepreneurs also make profit by selling online on Amazon. It endeavors to give its users the broadest possible selection of products, at the best prices, with the most trouble-free shopping experience.
Amazon sees you a business partner, because you will become a source of new customers for Amazon. If an online customer purchases a product you are selling on their site, then you have just helped Amazon obtain a new customer. Therein lies your problem.

Amazon not only wants to give an easy shopping experience, it wants to give a repeat shopping experience too! This means that they want the customer to come back to Amazon and buy again and again. This won’t work just by selling your product alone. They will now be offering the whole range of products available on Amazon to the new customer, and not just yours!
As a merchant, you will have to fight against a lot of other people with their own products, which will make selling online on Amazon more difficult for you.  Here are some tips which will teach you how to make money on Amazon.

  • First, you need professional press releases written and distributed.  Good PRs aren’t just promoting a product. It has to have an angle worthy of journalists to pick them up. If the PR you wrote or had someone else wrote is not like this, then that is not a PR, but another article for promotion.
  • Second, you need a product fan page. This is where all your products will be launched to the public. You could also get your page promoted on a well-established product fan page. This way, your product will reach an existing audience, so you don’t have to worry too much on getting your own.
  • Third, you need a professional like campaign. This also solves the problem mentioned in the previous paragraph. This is a campaign that will get people to like your product fan page. There are professionals out there who are capable of getting a large amount of likes, for as low as .10 or less per like.
  • Fourth, you need social engagement campaigns. These are things like sweepstakes and trivia games which will be done on your product’s fan page.  This will make your page engaging, and keep the likers interested. There are social marketing agencies out there that charge $797-$1,297 per month for that.
  • Fifth, you need an RTB Platform. RTB means Real Time Bidding, and it’s a platform merchants can use to purchase ads on the Internet at a wholesale price. These won’t be obscure websites either. They include Facebook, Bing, and Google.

Another option you have is Amazing Selling Machine by Matt Clark and Jason Katzenbak. It is a unique course and live training that helps people sell their own products on Amazon. You are also provided with software tools and live events. A team of Amazon mentors give you action and results-oriented training on techniques and methods for getting the best results.

There are plenty of people offering Amazing Selling Machine, for the right reasons, because it has created plenty of success stories. A lot also offer bonuses if you sign up with them, but these are basically additional training which you won’t need. These will just take your time away from practicing and applying the ASM trainings, which are already enough.

You need to look for the best bonus available, and this can be quite the task. The bonus you need should consist of the 5 tips mentioned earlier; because these will actually help you sell and promote your product, while you work on the weekly ASM training you receive. The best bonus is not more training or seminars, but something that helps you sell your product.

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