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    Jan 14, 2014
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When a visitor lands on a particular website, how easy he/she finds to understand the visual design, organization and navigation of that platform plays a crucial role in retaining the traffic. Whether key information is easily visible and how quickly and easily can critical tasks be performed, all depends on how good the website architecture is. The concept of website architecture primarily appears to be solely for the sake of user-friendly experience on a website but it has one more dimension to it. Website organization is not merely about presentation but it’s also about visibility on the virtual world through Search Engine Optimization. The following section presents a few supporting facts.

Importance Of Website Architecture

  • A well-organized website allows the visitors to access the information easily and quickly. Logical layout makes the website more coherent, intuitive and satisfying for the user and eventually raises the chances of visitor returning to it in future.
  • A website that maintains a common Information Architecture on all pages gives an impression of consistency, which is eventually instrumental in creating a favorable image in the mind of visitor.

Importance Of Well-planned Navigation

  • A well-planned navigational structure is intuitive and provides clues to the website users on which way to proceed.
  • Users are never left with dead ends wondering or rather searching on how to access another page.
  • An illogically planned navigational structure may lead to a high bounce rate which means that though visitor came to your website but in the absence of proper navigational links, he jumped off to another website. This is a direct loss of a qualified lead which is unaffordable particularly for ecommerce websites.

Site Architecture, Navigation & SEO
Leading search engines keep updating their algorithms to present better results for organic searches. Although, ranking parameters remain enigmatic yet there is a consensus building among the web experts that site architecture and navigation have a significant contribution in search engine ranking of a website. Search engines take into account the user-friendliness and the value that different websites deliver to their users and then rate them. So, Site Architecture, Navigation & Search Engine Optimization are really going hand in hand.

Now that you are aware of the value of Site Architecture, Navigation & SEO, it is advisable to get your website designed and developed by a professional Search Engine Optimization Company in India. That will give a website that is both user-friendly and search engine friendly.

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