Travel Planning Ideas for International Holidays

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    Mar 13, 2014
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Travel Planning Ideas for International Holidays Photo by Ninad Chaudhari

Whenever any tourist books a domestic holiday, for the most part they know their travel requirements. Typically, there are no major troubles to be faced. Yet, it is not same when you plan your international holidays. There could be a few unanticipated problems.  Here are few ideas to help you safeguard against the most common ones.

Mind your language: Get familiar with the local language and local accent. It would help you to understand the localities well. Most group travellers ignore this, though. You don’t need to be fluent or an expert in the language. You just need to understand a few basic words and phrases so that you read and communicate important information well. You should be able to place orders in restaurants or buy things in the shops. If you are booking a Europe tour package, you need to familiarize yourself with quite a few languages.  In case of emergency, you should also install a dictionary and translation app on your smart phone.

Respect thy culture: Though, travel staffs for most international holiday destinations are familiar with English, you cannot ignore basic rules of local culture. There are major dos and don’ts that tourists must abide by. Tourists may enjoy some liberties. But, they are not applicable in every country. Some cultures are far less tolerant to the cultural taboos. In case of developing countries, these codes of conduct are as necessary as vaccination. So find out as much as you can before travelling. 

Talk Tech-savvy: Identify what kind of technological support is available at travel destinations. Even if you book one of the Europe tour packages, you mustn’t assume that the hotels, transportation and technology will be state-of-the-art. You might be surprised to find that mobile phones may not vary but chargers, data connections and telecom services are very different in every country. Telecom and data network in different destinations varies considerably. Without due research, these factors could be limiting.

Devil is in the detail: research about your travel destinations is a must. You can discover several country-specific or city-specific details that might shock you. For example: Hong Kong has been witnessing some violent protests. Tourists need to remain aware and prepared. Some African countries have a very high criminal rate. So, stay vigilant and take care of your belongings. Some cities and countries have very rapid weather changes. You must pack suitable clothes accordingly. If you are allergic to certain ingredients, you need to stay away from certain dishes and cuisines. So, stay prepared and safeguard against such errors to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

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