Culinary Holiday in Singapore - Yummy Journey for Everyone

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    Mar 12, 2014
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Culinary Holiday in Singapore - Yummy Journey for Everyone Photo by Ninad Chaudhari

Singapore comes with a cuisine that offers a blend of several cultures.  While the most prominent is definitely Malay, you can also taste the influence of Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Peranakan and Western cuisines as well. For a foodie, it will be easy to notice how globalization in Singapore gets reflected in its culinary scene as well. The variety of options found in Singapore is staggering.  Whether you are itching for Pasta, Mexican tacos, hummus, Burger king’s burger or a sip of Starbucks coffee, you are never far from the same. A Singapore travel package can become a gourmet’s perfect dream, as long as you place the right order in the right eatery.       

A visit to Sentosa Island or Pulau Ubin may limit your choices. Barring these, though, Singapore stands as a gorgeous, modern and global city that flaunts every kind of meal for every kind of budget. While planning your holiday in Singapore, you must ensure that you know the best restaurants and their best dishes. While it may need some research based on your itinerary, the effort will totally be worthwhile once you feast on the most succulent treats available.

Most Singapore travel packages include a free breakfast at your hotel. This allows you to find your way through the choicest of lunches and dinners throughout your journey. Whether you want to sample the popular and much appreciated hawker food or indulge in the high dining gourmet menu of Michelin Star restaurants, the choice is yours! Surprisingly delicious options for street food include New Lucky Claypot Chicken Rice’s signatory dish or Jumbo’s chilli crabs.

A dish worth making time for is Muthu’s curry on Race Course Road, known for having a phenomenal fish head curry. Apart from just the meats, though, every Singapore tourist must explore the local tropical fruits.  A visit to the market will ensure that you are stocked up for the rest of the trip. You should definitely pick up Mangoes, Longan, Lychees, Rambutans and Durians. These fresh and juicy fruits are just perfect to dig in, even if you have to skip your breakfast for it.  Other options on the endless list of delicious local dishes include a bowl of Laksha on Sungei Road and meat bone tea at one of the Bak Kut Teh stalls. You should also try the fried carrot cakes, Dim Sum at Wen Dao Shi, Kaya toast at Ya Kun and Oyster omelette on Blk Bedok 85.

Holiday in Singapore won’t be complete for a foodie without visiting a local restaurant for Peranakan cuisine. While there are quite a few choices available, Candlenut is one of the finest and expensive ones.  If you don’t want to experiment with local food, though, Singapore has no shortage of international brands of restaurants, which offer familiar and delicious choices for the travellers and locals alike. So, make it a delicious mouth-watering trip indeed!

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Ninad Chaudhari works as a Web UI Designer / Developer with Cox & Kings. Ninad is an ardent photographer and loves spending his holidays in Singapore & pursue his passion. He recently visited Singapore on travel package by Cox & Kings and his albums are replete with pictures of this tour.

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