4 Tips for the Most Fun Group Tour Packages

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    Jul 04, 2014
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4 Tips for the Most Fun Group Tour Packages Photo by Ninad Chaudhari

If you have ever enjoyed group tour packages, you know that some holiday packages are super-fun and rocking, while others drag you as you try to focus on the sightseeing and activities. There are few smart and estimable ways that can make your vacations entertaining and memorable.

No democracy please.

Group tour packages are challenging to finalize. If every traveller is contributing, it will be really difficult to finalize the hotel accommodation booking, sightseeing itinerary and group activities. You need a leader – experienced and dependable one. But, everyone must surrender the responsibility of booking travel agency and travel package, negotiating the price with the travel agency or confirming the details to the leader. Everyone must listen to the leader in times of need, problem or emergency. Frankly, everyone wants to pose an opinion. But, the one willing to take the responsibility should become the leader. It is the least volatile and most people-friendly way.

Plan for all

Whether you are booking the group tour package for single destination or multi-destination holiday, you need to book the resort that has multiple leisure activities like game room, golf, spa & wellness, gym, swimming pools and optional activities. If you plan it well, if there are people in the group, who do not want to go for trek can head out to sauna and steam session. There are people, who hate shopping, can check out the golf course. There are people, who do not want to take the day off to relax, can pick up the additional sightseeing, adventure sports activities and more. If you don’t, people will get bored, tired and lazy on the trip. That will affect the entire vibe of the group.

Plan in advance

The financial advantage of group tour package is in booking at the lowest rate possible. You cannot do it if you are booking just few weeks ahead of the travel season. Most of the FIT tourists and tours and travels package organizers are booking at the same time. There is sufficient demand for the resort, sightseeing and activities to reject a single client. Book your holiday package in advance. Everyone will have to make their payments by the said date to get the seat. It will allow you to enjoy the lowest rates possible.

Choose the group well.

Last and the most important tip is to ensure that you are taking the right group of people. Don’t select everyone willing to pay. Select the group of people that will gel well together. It is important that everyone has a fun company on the way. It is extremely vital to the group morale and the holiday experience.

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