The Fascinating World of Mauritius Travel

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    Jun 25, 2014
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Long exposure Trails
Long exposure Trails
Photo by Sudhanshu Pran Kaul

Mauritius is known for its beach travel packages. Sure, the lazy ambiance, untouched beaches and amazing parties make it a delight. But, Mauritius tour packages can be so much more. There are so many unique experiences you can enjoy while you are on these African islands. Their beauty and serenity is the perfect backdrop for any kind of travel package indeed. But Mauritius trips can be so many more. The dream islands have some very unique experiences waiting for you.

Wedding and honeymoon travel

For most destinations, it is all about the splurging on the accommodation. Mauritius is perfect setting to do that. But when it comes to the Mauritius honeymoon travel; you are not going to remember the splurge. You will think of the private beach all for you and your partner. You will think that the couple’s spa is such a great way to being your day. You will remember how you and your partner retraced your steps back to the hotel after the really wild party you had. You will think of the cruise you went on. You will think of looking at each other under the water and feeling the loving connection. The charm is that even a simple Mauritius tour package can be that romantic, fun and indulgent. It is like romance was woven deep into the DNA of the island; you don’t even have to try.

Adventure and wildlife travel

You talk about Mauritius travel package means you talk about the beaches and the water sports. The scenic Indian Ocean beaches are the perfect heaven for the water sports like scuba diving, surfing, watching dolphins,  parasailing, water skiing, canoeing, sea-kayaking, submarine ride and deep sea fishing. But, when you head out to Mauritius for adventure travel package, it is all different. It is not about heading to the beach next to your hotel in resort town. It is about getting down to that perfect beach or dive site. It is this kind of tailor-made holiday that can redefine Mauritius for you.

The land part of the Mauritius is known for hotels, parties and shopping. But, if you look closely enough, it is full of adventure; it has sky diving, it has jeep safaris into the deep forests; it has the delightful tamarind waterfall. The exotic flora and fauna of the Mauritius wilderness is worth every step through the rough dirty spots.

Village travel

This is the new and upcoming branch of Mauritius travel. The simplicity of the beaches fits well with the humble lifestyle. This is like a worry-free zone where you can leave all the past tensions behind and relax.  This is a new kind of Mauritius tour package; well worth it.

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