The Spanish Culture for the International Travellers

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    Jun 10, 2014
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The Spanish Culture for the International Travellers Photo by Ninad Chaudhari

When you book the Spain travel packages for you and your family, you will need to get familiar with the Spanish culture. Like most European countries, it has its own unique culture, traditions, cuisine, socializing customs, and more.

So, get familiar with the basic interactions, traditions and typical offences, so that you can navigate through this foreign land easily and effortlessly. If you are on international package, it is possible that you may offend a localise by wrong usage of language, using wrong hand gestures or by insulting their traditions. To avoid that, get a brief insight into their culture.

• It is customary to kiss both cheeks of a family member or a friend as a way of saying bye.
• The physical distance and the proper table manners are important. 

Apart from that, you will need to know the food, so that you can order with the basic understanding and expectations. Here are some of the typical Spanish dishes.

• Aceitunas, Olivas      
• Bocadillo de Calamares      
• Boquerones en vinagre      
• Caracoles      
• Calamares en su tinta      
• Chipirones a la plancha      
• Churros      
• Empanadas Gallegas      
• Ensaladilla Rusa (Russian Salad)       .
• Fabada asturiana      
• Gazpacho Andaluz      
• Lentejas      
• Mariscos      
• Merluza a la Vizcaina      
• Potajes or pucheros      
• Paella or Paella Valenciana   
• Patatas Bravas     
• Pescaíto frito      
• Pimientos rellenos      
• Potaje de espinacas y garbanzos      
• Revuelto de ajetes con setas      
• Setas al ajillo
• Gambas al ajillo      
• Sepia con alioli      
• Tortilla de patatas      

You must also take a closer look at their local festivals, so that you can attend any, if you are in Spain during the time. These local festivals offer unique insights into the Spanish people and culture. For most people on international packages, these are the most memorable experiences. When there are more than 85 festivals in a year, it is worth to know a few.

• Feria de Abril
• Sevilla's & Málaga's Semana Santa (Easter)
•  Córdoba en Mayo
• Las Cruces
• Festival de Patios
• Arde Lucus
• Cata del Vino Montilla-Moriles
• Dia de Sant Jordi
• Fallas
• Málaga's August Fair
• San Fermines
• Fiesta de San Isidro
• Carnival
• Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos San Sebastian International Film Festival
• La Tomatina
• Moros y Cristianos

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