Why Frozen Yogurt Owners Need Special Fat-free and Sugar Free Frozen Yogurt Flavors

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    Oct 25, 2013
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Why Frozen Yogurt Owners Need Special Fat-free and Sugar Free Frozen Yogurt Flavors Photo by Emily  Rodgers

Some frozen yogurt shop owners may not understand why carrying standard flavors is important to the regular, steady stream of customers who come into their store. Why have specials from time to time on the fat-free frozen yogurt flavors or sugar free frozen yogurt flavors?  Not only does this encourage your customers to try your new fat-free frozen yogurt or sugar free frozen yogurt flavors, it also may allow you to get some wholesale frozen yogurt flavors cheaper and pass on the savings to your customers.

Buying wholesale frozen yogurt will allow you to keep your costs down and consistently allow you to keep the taste and texture of your product the same. This is important with customers who expect their fat-free frozen yogurt and sugar free frozen yogurt to consistently taste the same.

Wholesale frozen yogurt is a cheaper way to buy

While many shop owners can produce their own frozen yogurt, getting the consistency right and the taste is paramount. Having fat-free frozen yogurt people can buy isn’t just about having yogurt that tastes good. Frozen yogurt shop owners must have yogurt of exceptional quality in order to sell the volume they need daily to pay operating, overhead and maintenance costs, etc.

Business owners shouldn’t pay more than 12 cents per ounce from a frozen yogurt distributor and should shop around. Many distributors will offer special seasonal sugar free frozen yogurt flavors that are not available with other companies. How do you know which wholesale frozen yogurt flavor to buy? It may require polling customers as to which fat-free frozen yogurt flavor is their favorite. Offering customers a certain fat-free frozen yogurt flavor for a limited time may help you gauge how well customers are buying the tasty concoction.

Buying wholesale frozen yogurt may ensure you have enough product on hand for rush orders and customers can consistently get the same fat-free frozen yogurt flavor that they loved, all by ordering from a wholesale frozen yogurt distributor you can depend on.

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